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          The Leipzig Hotel

          Under Construction

          "Early History - Construction of Leipzig Hotel" Written by Frank J. Miller

          "My father (Dominic Miller) at that time was considered one of the better established farmers in the district and was encouraged to build a hotel; which was considered to be a good investment. So in later March of 1912, by father had the first public auction sale held in this district and the construction of his hotel was underway."

          "The Leipzig Hotel, at the time of completion was three stories high."

          "World War I caused enmity between the English and German people, especially when liquor was involved. The Saskatchewan government passed the law of prohibition, closing Saskatchewan Hotels."

          "After the closures of the hotels, two bowling alleys were installed in the Leipzig Hotel, also a pool room and barber shop, operated by Mr. Lebeau."

          "Then in 1922, the hotel was sold to William Delainey, who removed the top story of the hotel. From 1929 to 1935 there was a liquor store operated by several individuals. Bert Miller operated the pool room and barber shop."

          Leipzig Hotel in 1984.

          This double Bowling Alley was installed in the Leipzig Hotel bye the owner Dominic Miller in 1916.

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