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Leipzig - Saskatchewan - Map

Map of Leipzig

Map was created by Gabe Miller of Saskatoon

A: The Millers, B: B-A Bulk, C: Pool House, D: Eberhardt, E: H. Franke, F: Telephone, G: Kaufman's, H: Co-op, I: Mel's Shoe Shop, J: Hotel, K: Poolroom, L: Grandma Miller, M: Security Lumber, N: Garage, O: F. Lesmeister, P: Skating Rink, Q: Mrs. Gilles, R: Frank Miller, S: Notre Dame Convent, T: Catholic Church, U: Phillip Schmitt

V: Long Barns, W: Leipzig S.D. #3310, X: T. Kaufman, Y: Lutheran Church, Z: Dorner, 1: Searle 'A', 2: Pool #85, 3: Searle 'B', 4: CPR, 5: Station, 6: Reiniger, 7: Joe Scherman, 8: Baseball Diamond, 9: Section House, 10: Ravine, 11: Sittler, 12: Cemetery, 13: John Sauter, 14: Joe Kaufman, 15: Ben Zoller, 16: Nuisance Ground

A Day of Success

A time to remember, a time to reminisce. Leipzig's Birthday-75 years of endeavor. June 28 & 29 of 1980 were the days Leipzig's population rose to approximately 1800 people. with the excellent. cooperation and the many days and hours of preparing and planning by several committes, the two days were a great success despite the heavy rainfall. The parade had to be rescheduled to 2:00 in the afteroom.

Map and article taken from Chain of Memories - Leipzig and District 1905-1990 - Local History Book.

This map is dated June of 1980. The only buildings left in Leipzig is the Convent and the Catholic Church across from the Convent. On the other side of the convent are now two houses, but not sure who lives in them.