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Saskatchewan Pool
Country Elevator System
1952-53 Districts

Numbers on 1952-53 map refer to Pool DISTRICTS
(first number on index to the left)
District 16 1952-53 SWP District 15 1952-53 SWP District 14 1952-53 SWP District 8 1952-53 SWP District 13 1952-53 SWP District 12 1952-53 SWP District 11 1952-53 SWP District 10 1952-53 SWP District 9 1952-53 SWP District 7 1952-53 SWP District 6 1952-53 SWP District 5 1952-53 SWP District 4 1952-53 SWP District 3 1952-53 SWP District 2 1952-53 SWP District 1 1952-53 SWP
Scale: Each Township grid is 6 miles by 6 miles.

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This web site was made with permission from the
Sask. Wheat Pool. It is the intention of this site to make Saskatchewan town names and locations as of 1924 available to persons with a historical or genealogical interest in this area. Any town name with a question mark indicates that that town was hard to read and any clarification in this regard can be forwarded to the Webmaster so that the website can be corrected and updated for future users of this site. There are no service charges or fees for use of this map service, and use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use. This page is dedicated to the free sharing of this Saskatchewan historical data. Any further use of these maps would require permission from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Company as per copyright laws in Canada.


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