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Form No. 2
Form F.

No. ___________________

Application for a Homestead Entry by an Agent

I ___________________________________________________________ do hereby apply on behalf
of __________________________________ of the __________________________________________ of
___________________________ in the County of __________________________________
for Homestead Entry, under the provisions of sub-clause _________________ of clause 38 of "The Dominion
Lands Act,
" for the _____________________________________ Quarter Section of Section Number
_________________ of the _________________ Township, in the _________________ Range west of the
_________________ Meridian.

________________________________ District,

________________________________ 19 _ _

NOTE--The statistical information called for below will be obtained and filled in by Agent when granting entry.
in family, including

Form No. 2
Form H.

AFFIDAVIT by an Agent in support of Claim for Homestead Entry
on behalf of a person who has not previously Settled
on the Land.

I ____________________________________________________ ,do solemnly ________________
that __________________________________ of __________________________________________
for whom I am acting as Agent, is over eighteen years of age ; that to the best of my knowledge
and belief the land in respect of which the application is made is of the class open for homestead
entry ; that there is no person residing upon the said land, not are there any improvements
thereon, __________________________________________________________________
____________________________ and that the application is made for the exclusive use of the said
__________________________________________________________________ with the intention of his
residing upon and cultivating the said land, and not directly or indirectly for the use or benefit of
any other person or persons whomsoever, and that he has not heretofore obtained an entry for a
homestead on Dominion Lands.

Subscribed and ______ to this _________
day of ________________ 19 _ _, before me. ___________________________________________
Local Agent.

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