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Because this site is updated regularly, plan to come back and visit regularly. If you'd like to be advised when and what updates occur, just send an email (to "" with subject "Send_Rootsweb_Updates".)

I am a firm believer in the free sharing of information, and to that end intend to put all of my personal research, and any research that others may be willing to contribute, here for all to use. There are a number of projects that I have undertaken. Some of these are related to me, and some are not. If you have any information that would serve to expand, clarify, or enhance what I have compiled here, I will be happy to include it.

Members of my family have been doing genealogical research for generations. Most of what is here on my personal lines are gleanings from the work that has gone before. It is imperfect. As I proceed with this project I am trying to add source information, but in too many cases it is not known. At this time, the majority of the Sanford information is obtained from "Thomas Sanford ..." by Carlton Sanford, 1911-- if a source is not mentioned, this is probably where it came from.

Please note: For my own convenience, I have added characters to the title-suffix field of many entries: asterisk (*) for my direct ancestors, caret (^) for my wife's ancestors, and a tilde(~) for highly questionable, unverified, albeit plausible entries. For individuals whose surname is unknown I have generally entered it as [married-name]. I have added superscripts with the generation number to some given names to the text in an attempt to keep the story straight.

Robert Dickman
Born ca. 1825, he emigrated to Delaware County, New York from Hawick, Scotland ca. 1840. He is presently our dead end for the surname.
This site is dedicated to the memory of Warren Calvin Trott, whose time ran out before he could finish his project. Oral tradition said that there were Native Americans and Mayflower Pilgrims in his past, but he never found them. Perhaps you can help us finish his project, or at least benefit from what has been found.
Thomas Sanford
"The Emigrant to New England; Ancestry, Life and Descendants; 1632-4" was published by Carlton Sanford in 1911. It is a massive body of work. Thomas1 was a great grandson of Richard. I have entered some of the basic information, as well as my lineage and the lines of some cousins I have met on line and elsewhere.
Richard Sanford
Is the oldest reliably known ancestor of Thomas1 Sanford according to the researcher who did the work in England for Carlton early in the 1900's. I consider the arguments given there to be persuasive, and do not intend to post beyond that point without more evidence.
William6 Sanford and Huldah Hull
Are among the descendents of Thomas Sanford that have been entered. One of our projects is to collect all known descendents of this couple. Please feel free to contribute your information to this project.
Other Pioneer Sanfords
Are covered to some degree in a number of Appendices to Carleton's work. These are not indexed in print, and are therefore difficult to use in hard copy. As time permits, I will be adding them to the surname index on this site.

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It is my desire to properly credit all sources and have the most accurate information possible. Please send any and all omissions to and corrections to New contributions are welcome! By submitting you certify that you have the right, and grant permission, to post that information on this site.


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