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Introduction to SoftBear's Surnames

As of today, there are 2,015 individuals and over 450 surnames in my personal database. The following pages were created by Gene Stark's GED2HTML translator, which allows for easy addition to his Gendex database, and provides the generic interface. The index is not completed to the degree that I would like. Notes and Sources are still an issue, but rather than making you wait while I figure that out, here is a start. The pages are of a pretty basic, no frills approach but with a little luck you'll find enough here to keep you from noticing. ;-)

There are at least two more databases that will be here, maintained as separate entities. One for descendents of Henry Burtt[DONE!], and one for a collection folks with the surname Roe/Rowe. I have a few others on my mind, but they are too far down the road to mention at this point in time.

Remember that this is NOT a finished work, and nothing shown here should be used elsewhere without checking and quoting the source. Any and all corrections and contributions are encouraged. Use one of the addresses listed below. I have been gifted with a great deal of information on my family from a large number of individuals, some of which is hard to decipher and most of it is missing the source information. If you need more than you see here, I may be able to help. Just drop me a note.

Please Note: For my own convenience, I have added characters to the title suffix field of many entries: asterisk (*) for my direct ancestors, caret (^) for my wife's ancestors, and a tilde(~) for highly questionable, unverified, albeit plausible entries. I have added superscripts with the generation number to some given names in an attempt to keep the story straight. Unknown surnames are generally entered as [married-name]. (I just noticed at least one ? got past my final edit. Shoot!)

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It is my desire to properly credit all sources and have the most accurate information possible. Please send any and all omissions to and corrections to New contributions are welcome! By submitting you certify that you have the right, and grant permission, to post that information on this site.

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