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The Descendants of Henry Burt

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Henry Burt (c 1595- 1662) and his wife Ulalia March ( - 1690) were among the first settlers of Springfield Massachusetts arriving there by 1640. They had at least 13 children.

The surname Burt is not as common as the thread of Henry Burt's blood among Americans, because there were only 3 surviving sons. But the daughters of Henry Burt were apparently nearly as hearty in childbearing as their mother, and so many of us with colonial roots may also trace our heritage to him through them.

This is an attempt to list the descendants of Henry and Eulalia through the first 4 generations, together with their ancestors. Several lines that are of particular interest to us are carried much further. We have not included anyone born after 1900 here for reasons of privacy.

Henry Burt could boast of at least two famous descendants if he were alive - Ethan Allen and Grover Cleveland. But it would appear that the vast majority were decent New England dirt farmers like those from which the compilers are descended.

The primary sources of our information are the published genealogies of Henry Burt by Roderick Burnham and Henry M. Burt. Another source which led us to many of the persons of other surnames was Warren's Springfield Families, which in turn references many primary records. Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of New England has also been used extensively.

Please be aware that this has not been thoroughly proofread. We would greatly appreciate being notified of errors of any kind that you may find.

Sue and Chuck Burt

9th cousins twice removed through our common ancestors Henry and Eulalia Burt

Copyright © 1998 Sue and Chuck Burt

[Please keep in mind that the Burt Database and mine overlap, and that there is no way to get from one to the other at this time. There are also quite a few differences between the two databases. (I'm sure those will be cleared up quickly. ;-) -dld]

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