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Robert Dickman, Emigrant

Robert Dickman came to America from Hawick, Scotland in 1840 at the age of 15 with a man by the name of Walter Cairns and his family. Hawick, Scotland is in the "Borderlands" near England. He may have been indentured to this gentleman; it is reported that he lived in that household at least until 1846 (possibly 1849). Robert filed a 'Declaration of Intent' to become naturalized in Delaware County, NY on Oct 30, 1856 (Accession # 21132).

The Cairns farm was apparently in Thompson Hollow, which is the valley that runs northeast from New Kingston, Delaware County, NY and in the general vicinity of the farm where Jane Van Benschoten, b. 23 January 1831, was raised. They were married in April of 1849, and settled in New Kingston. There were two children of this union: John, b. 1850 and Mary Charlotte, b. 1860. It is not unreasonable to assume that Robert's mother's name was Mary, as Jane's mother was Charlotte and no other 'Mary's in recent generations. Jane did have a brother John, so that is not so obvious; but if I ever get to Hawick, I'll be looking first for a John and Mary Dickman!

Charlotte died in 1883, and Robert next married Hannah Mary Yaple; there were no other children.

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