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Fly Boy - c 1945

Warren Calvin Trott

September 4, 1923 - March 17, 1989

In Memoriam

My father-in-law was a cocky Navy fly-boy. At least that's the image he tried to project, and as can be seen by this photograph from circa 1945, he managed to do just that. They tell me that he was a Navy Maverick -- that is to say he started as a white cap and retired as a Lieutenant Commander. At the age of 18? he enlisted in the Navy. The year was 1942?, and we were deeply into the Second World War. He qualified for flight school in Pensacola ...

He was a Navy man, but it was not his only career. After he was discharged, he married his schoolyard sweetheart, Josephine Helena Doria, and went off to college to study his second love (aeronautics) more seriously. He was deeply involved in the Flying Club while at school, and had my Uncle Glen, among many others in his flight book. After graduation, he took a job with Grumman Aircraft in Bethpage, Long Island, New York.

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