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The Slovak GenWeb Page

This page provides a beginning place for your research on your Slovak roots. The links above will provide you with a variety of information that may help you in your search.

Unclaimed Land: As the Slovak Republic seeks to enter the EU, property ownership of land must be reestablished. To allow that, the Slovak government set up a portal to list unclaimed land. While it may be too late to claim land, the Unclaimed Land portal may provide excellent geneological help.

The World GenWeb Project was established in 1996 after the successful launching of the U. S. GenWeb Project. The World GenWeb Project has many volunteers all over the world. Regional coordinators work together with individual country coordinators in an effort to provide free access to a variety of genealogical data. Volunteers are needed in all phases of the project, including creating and maintaining home pages, hosting mailing lists, organizing files submitted by volunteers, and transcribing public records for inclusion in the archives.

Last Updated: February 28, 2010

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