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Databases On-line, searchable databases of individuals >>> >Go> E I
CD "Census 1970" National census 1970 and another CD for 1980. Searchable in several ways Info E H
CD "Sveriges Dödbok" Deaths records, All Sweden, 1950-2003. (old edition to 1999). Search by name. You can post a look-up request to Sweden Board or List. Info E H
By församling = parish. This page lists only sources that concern parishes in several regions.
If you know the province a/o parish name go the
regional subsites
LDS Family History Library Catalogue (Search for parish). All Sweden. (Search WITHOUT special letters - replace å and ä with a, ö with o  !). LDS . Search page M F
National Archive SVAR All Swedish parish records on film. Indexed on parish only. Catalogue search is free. Buy film copies in an on-line shopping mall. Request research on paper copies for a fee.
Same records may be bought through
Swenson Centre in USA.
Catalogue . Help S I
GenLine Publishes scanned copies of parish records (HFL, In/Ut-flyttn, Föd/Död, Vigsel, Kommunion) on line. No search index. Access fee applies. Several of the southern counties are available now and new ones are added constantly. Check their "Databases" - "Församlingar" links to see exactly what is available. >Go> B I
INDIKO (DDB) New project for church registers on line. At present 800 000 individuals from 48 parishes in Skellefteå, Sundsvall and Linköping regions. Paid subscriptions only. Tuna parish is available for free as a demo. English . Svenska B I
Släktdata Föreningen > 60 parishes around Göteborg. Transcripts of birth, marriage and death records in downloadable text files. Extensive on the selected parishes, listed on the site. Recommended >Go> B I
Swe Census 1890 Transcripts in searchable database on line. All persons included. Counties: Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Värmland. Free and VERY USEFUL
The other counties are available as subscription at ARKION
>Go> B I
CD:s For four parishes / townships in Stockholm city Info E H
DDSS Demographic Database for Southern Sweden. Transcripts of birth, marriage and death records in searchable database on line. Carefully check which parishes are included - many are still not available. Very useful >Go> S I
Projects Ongoing projects to create new / additional church record sources      
SVAR SVAR-projektet, Kallinge, Ronneby. Creation of Parish Catalogues (Dwellings and their inhabitants) and indexing of Church records. Research for a fee (first hour free) No data on line >Go> B I
Rötter Reconstruction of lost church records. List of ongoing projects >Go> S I

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