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Sources for Gravestone Records and Obituaries

Source Region / Place Publication data L M
Rötter Gravstensinventering (Gravestone inventory) - an ongoing project on national level. Go to Overview,
"Lista över inventerade kyrkogårdar" = List of registered graveyards
Select län below that link to find the gravestone records.
Overview . S I
  SweGGate guide to funerals and reading obituaries >Guide> E H
  Obituaries. Find them in local papers. >Guide>    
WGW NY Orange County Obituaries of individuals born in Sweden (recent, mostly late 1990's)   E I
  Swedish language newspapers in the USA:
California Veckoblad (Los Angeles) New Vestkusten (San Francisco)
Norden (Brooklyn) Nordstjernan (New York)
Svenska Amerikanaren Tribunen (Chicago)
Through inter-library loans S L
Find a Grave On line search for graves in the USA >Go> E I

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