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SweGGate Guide to Church Records:
Strategic Use, an overview.

Guide P:1

Searching a person and family when you know:
Parish and Birth date (year)
Step What to do
1 Find birth record Read Födelsebok (birth book) for the parish and year
2 Find Parents & Siblings Read HFL for the place and year you found in step 1


Step Book to use What to do
1. Birth Födelsebok
(birth book)


a) If you know the full birth date:
In this chronological register of all births find the year, then the month and then the date. Look for the given name of the person. Verify the correct person through collaborating info like parent's name(s) and/or address.
Make note of:
1. Names of both parents,
2. their Address, usually only a farm/village name,
3. Age of mother (if given)
4. the names of Witnesses (usually 2-4 names w addresses) - they are often relatives.
5. Page, book /fiche /film ref and where you got the book (if you need to revisit)

Then continue in the HFL for the year of birth

b) If you know the birth year only:
If you know the address (village / farm name) it may be faster to start with the HFL (see below).
Otherwise use the same principle but you have to read sequentially through the whole year (!) noting all name matches. The only way around this is if you have collaborating info to recognize the correct person directly or if you happen to find a searchable database index to the birth records you are looking for. (Check relevant regional pages on SweGGate)

2. Parents & Siblings HFL


(Chronological records of annual clerical surveys ordered by families)
a) Find the Address (name of village) at the beginning or the end of the HFL where there is an index of all villages.
b) Start at the birth year of your person.
Make note of:
1. Parent's birth dates and birth parish.
2. Names, birth dates and place of siblings.
3. Page, book / fiche ref
as usual.
You will commonly revisit these records more than once. You may have to go back in time to previous notes for this family to find all this info.
c) Then go forward in time as far as you can to find all younger siblings.
d) Go back in time to FIRST child and note that year. (usually hints about marriage year).
Watch out for "change of wife" = remarried and earlier children already dead, i.e. the first, "oldest" child may not be the very first child - only the oldest living child at the occasion. You should read every volume where this family appears or you may miss important events.
For each of the siblings start at the top of this guide again.
3. Marriage rec Vigselbok
4. Grandparents HFL Start from Step "1. Birth" for each of the parents of the original person.

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