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Swedish Culture

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Culturenet Sweden > 1300 links to web sites focused on Swedish culture Home . Genealogy . Associations B I
Local Heritage Swedish Local Heritage Federation Home . Addr to local assoc. B I
Swedish Academy About the Academy, History, Present work etc >Go> E I
Nobel Prize Nobel Prize Laureates, database, articles, the prize, the donator Nobel Foundation . Another E I
Kungl Musikaliska Akademin Royal Swedish Academy of Music (in Swedish) Polar Music Prize E I
Symbols SweGGate overview   S I
  Coat of arms for most kommuner (municipalities) Int. Civic Heraldry E I
Studentsång Some notes on 4-part male choir a cappella singing >SweGGate original> E H
Social security Overview: (Key words: Undantag, födoråd, fattigunderstöd, rotehjon) *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
History Historic overview of Swedish public education *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E I
Working Life        
History Scattered notes on aspects of working life.
Craftsmen's Training. Employee Recruitment.
*** SweGGate Star Guide *** E I
ICOM Museums in Sweden >Go> B I
Traditional Year

SweGGate: The Traditional Year

  E H
Greeting Cards A nice collection of traditional, old-fashioned greeting cards. Free to send on-line.
TIP: Set to Swe lang. to get card text in Swedish !
>Go> B I
Trad on Öland Arvid Bäckström Local customs on Öland   S
Lucia Lucia history from Grums, Värmland. (Different from the common explanation) >Go> S I
Pehr Hörberg Famous painter (1746-1816) who made many altarpieces. Born in Virestad socken, Småland province. Served at the Academy of Arts from 1783. Lived in Risinge parish, Finspång kommun from 1790.
Traditional Dress "Folkdräkt" "Sockendräkt"      
Bo Skräddare Info about Swedish traditional dresses >Go> E I
Bo Skräddare Professional tailor specializing in Swedish traditional dresses Shop S I
Santesson Swedish cookbook, an excellent source of good recipes for traditional Swedish food. Easy to navigate and even downloadable >Go> E I
Jerry Longstrom Several traditional Swe food recipes >Go> E I
Wikstom's Swedish food store on line >Go> E I
Coffee The "Swedish National Drink" >Go> E H
Allemansrätt Right and wrong when visiting the Swedish countryside (law explained) E I
Farm Buildings House types, land plans >Go> S I
Buildings Log houses, techniques. Siljansbygden . How to build a log house S I
Gärdsgård Traditional Swedish fence. How to build.   S I
Baskets History, Types, Techniques. >Go> S I

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