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Swedish History

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Historical ages Major Time Periods in Nordic History Brief, tabular introduction / Hae E H
Historical events Major historical events in Swedish history E H
Swedish Territory Major territorial changes and Swedish war history E H
Misc History Notes Misc. notes on Swedish history E H
Other sources
Sven Eriksonsgymnasiet Swedish history overview Emigration E I
Gotland University College Viking Heritage - about the Viking Era Society and network . Database E I
The Viking Era Vikingar Very good, short overview from many angles S I
Smorgasbord Short Historical notes separate for different provinces / counties .. >Go> E I
Svensk Swedish History (News pages) E-zine S I
Historiska Museet, SHM Museum of National Antiquities >Svenska> . >English> B I
Regions/Divisions P Aronsson, Prof of History, Univ of Växjö: The Desire for Regions Explains the development of, incl reasons for, regions and divisions in Sweden, e.g. landskap, län, stift, församling etc E I
National symbols   The Swedish National Symbols E H
SweGGate Population Registration Swedish population registration through history E H
Statistics Sweden=SCB Births, deaths, immigration, emigration, marriages, divorces 1749 - 2004  >Go> S I
Remaining life expectancy 1751 - 2003  >Go> S I
SweGGate Vital Statistics >>> E H
Military go to Theme Military - Facts - History    
Time Time annotation and calendars .   *** SweGGate Star Guide *** M I
History, Education Historic overview of Swedish public education *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E I
History, Religion   >Go> E I
History, Royal     E I
History, Queens All Swedish Queens Historical notes E I
History, Nobility Svensk Adel History and facts about Swedish nobility S I
  Det svenska adelsväsendet History and facts about Swedish nobility S I
Railways by Rolf Sten Swedish Railway history Maps and names M I
Taxation History of taxation >RSV> S I
Monetary System History of Swedish money Svenska . English . (Högman) B I
Coins and Bank notes history Images all bank notes . Images all bank notes 2 S I
Myntkabinettet (Swedish mint) Swedish coin history and museum. Some pictures on line.  Svenska  English M I
Weights & Measures Historical weights and measures *** SweGGate Encyclopaedia *** S I
    Svenska . English . (Högman)    

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