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Facts: Medical

SweGGate Original works
Author / Editor Title Publication data L M
Dr F Haeffner Old Swedish Medical terms *** SweGGate Encyclopaedia *** E H
Dr F Haeffner Medical History Highlights   E H
Dr F Haeffner Medical Diagnoses 1861 Transcript, translation and comments E H
  Medical history impact  (coming.....) *** SweGGate Star Guide *** E H
Published Works / Links
Author / Editor Title Publication data / Comment L M
Sv Läkaresällskapet Medicinhistoriska Muséet Museum of Medical History (Closed) S I
Boström, Ohlson Farmacihistoriska Sidor (Pharmacological history) Extensive site but little for genealogy B I
Paul Smith Archaic Medical Terms English & Latin terms only, extensive, good. >Go> E I
  Old Diseases - Current Name >Penny Parker> E I

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