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Swedish Names and Naming Practices

Names Naming Practices
Author / Editor Title Publication data / Comment L M
Naming Practices  
SweGGate *** StarGuide on Naming practices *** E H
Olsson Nils William Some Notes on Swedish Names >Go> . Very good article ! E I
Hans Högman Surname practices in earlier times >Go> . Long article E I
Barbara Price Swedish Naming Patterns Ancestry Magazine Personal experiences E I
SweGGate Expressing relationships in Swedish (and suggestion for our communication) E H
SweGGate Common name changes Guide and Examples E H
RSV Swedish "Personnummer" =Personal ID number. Unique # for every citizen since 1947. S I
RSV Modern rules for names RSV .. (RSV = Swedish "IRS") S I
Normering Normative spelling of Swedish given names by Släktforskarförbundet Recommended standard spelling of various name forms to use in genealogical records.  IMPORTANT ! S I
Auktorisering Authentication of names by Royal Swedish Library Recommended standards for linking a name to an individual. In Swedish only but links to international versionsIMPORTANT ! B I
Namnarkivet = Name Archive Given names used in Sweden, incl immigrant names. Notes about meaning and origin. Statistics. USEFUL ! S I
SHM (Historiska) Origin and meaning of given names Government museum site. Name search. Very good and reliable S I
Svenska Akademin
(Swedish Academy)
Official list of Namnsdagar (Name's Days)
Every day in the almanac has 1-2 names connected.
In Sweden many people do a small celebration on their Name's Day(s).
Alphabetical list (NOTE: dates are "day.month"). Origin/meaning of names (Almanac names only)
Patricia Adams Nordic Names (+links) >Go> E I
Middle ages SOFI is publishing very detailed reports on every known given name from the period ca 1000-1500. So far they covered A - G (A-F on line). Has lots of lit. references for known persons. Very detailed and useful but only in Swedish. S I

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