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PLACES,Overview Names of places and areas      
Sweden Sverigeguiden (Sweden guide). Lists all provinces and has overview maps and demographic facts on each. >Go> S I
SCB Official regional divisions, codes, maps  Extensive ! >Go> S I
Socken, församling, pastorat (parish) RSV (="IRS"). Includes special and ceased parishes. By Name . By Kommun S I
SCB (Sweden statistics). Clickable map and name search. Good ! >Go> S I
Nationell Arkiv Databas
National Archive Database, searches several archives, SVAR included.
Use "Topografi" option to get all topographic relations. RECOMMENDED
Home . Search S I
Places/areas Search Name Rötter: Sockensök: Find parish, kommun, landskap, län Search . Help S I
Ortnamn (Names) Svenska Ortnamn. Names of more than 403 000 place names in all of Sweden. Based on the name database at Lantmäteriet. Gives the exact location of cities, towns, villages and most farms, churches and many nature names. Covers much more names than the on line maps in "Kartsök" at Lantmäteriet web site. 
Very useful if you are researching several places - for a few lookups ask on the mailing lists
Buy at SVAR S CD
Kommuner ALL kommuner in Sweden. (Kommunförbundet) >Alpha list> . >By län> S I
Gazetteer. Sw National Atlas. Info on län, kommun and links to their websites. Good for searching for place names (except farms and small places) >Go> E I
LDS Research Outline 4 gazetteers available on film at LDS >Go> E I
Farm Descriptions Rosenberg, C-M: Geografiskt-statistiskt handlexikon öfver Sverige Description . Review S I
Landskapssymboler Symbols of different provinces Landskapsblommor S I
Castles and estates Slottsguiden. Guide to castles and larger estates in Sweden >Go> S I
PLACES, Individual Grouped by province / kommun / socken >>>>>>>>>>>>>> >Go here> E I
SOL Svenskt Ortnamnslexikon (utdrag). Swe place names dictionary / excerpt. Explanation of names and their origin. No longer free on line. Buy book at abt 400 SEK S I
Topografiskt index (SOFI) Topographical Index 1951. Listings of names per county (not all counties are yet indexed) No longer free on line. S I
PLACES, Special        
Bruk Harmens register:
Factories, foundries, smithies, iron processing plants.
By place, by name S I
Outside Sweden        
US Atlas 1895   >Go> E I
US Geogr Names USGS. Geogr. Names Info System >>> . Great search engine E I
Sweden To find local or special maps go to regional / local pages
Overview Sweden Relief map . Slow but very nice Sverigeguiden    
Landskap (Provinces)   SweGGate S I
Län (Counties) Map of Sweden with all Counties, modern and old (Högman) >Go> S I
Län, Landskap Maps of each County and Province. (Lantmäteriet) >Go> . Help S I
Kommuner Maps of each Kommun. (Lantmäteriet, no details) >Go> S I
Details Lantmäteriet Kartsök (All villages, even farms, very detailed) RECOMMENDED Search S I
Details Länsstyrelserna (To farm level, topics marked). RECOMMENDED. 
Select län (county), kommun (municipality) and click Öppna tittskåp (Open)
>Go> S I
Satellite pictures All Sweden. View on screen only. You can buy a copy. (Lantmäteriet). (increase the brightness on your monitor). >Go> S I
Cities, towns and larger villages Stadskartan. Up-to-date, towns only. >Go> S I
Old maps Some Cadastral maps from 18th & 19th century. >Go> B I
Old maps Some maps from 18th century to buy. Medelpad, Ångermanland, Jämtland, Hälsingland >Go> S I
Geometric maps A series of some 17 000 very detailed maps from the 16th century. Since 2001 being scanned by RA. A few examples are already on the net for free. Check them even if you are not specifically interested in the area. Gyllenhjelm atlas is from Skatelöv sn (G) Project
Gyllenhielm atlas 1637
Map of the month !
Maps for sale Lantmäteriet On-line map shop . Home . Buy maps S I
Outside Sweden        
NorwayGenWeb Norwegian WorldGenWeb main site >Go> E I
DenmarkGenWeb Danish WorldGenWeb member >Go> M I
IcelandGenWeb Icelandic WorldGenWeb main site >Go> E I
DIS-Norge Norwegian Maps Links page Lots of links E I
Norway: Fylken (counties) Use when researching the borderlands >Go> B I
World Maps   Search E I
Overview *** SweGGate Star Guide *** >Go> E H
Overview Admin divisions   E  
General Demographic Database, DDB Svenska . English . Service B I
Sweden National Atlas of Sweden Län . Kommun . Search B I
Southern Sweden DDSS = Demographic Database for Southern Sweden >Go> B I

Everything is about Sweden unless otherwise stated
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