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RÖTTER Website for Svenska Släktforskarförbundet. Very extensive content. Many fact pages and links, Forum, Links to regional societies. Mostly in Swedish. A "Must visit" Hae
Släktdata Föreningen Searchable person database of parish records from 61 parishes around Gothenburg (Swe west coast)
>> Review wanted ! <<
Högman Hans Very extensive and useful site on genealogy, Swedish history, old culture, old military system, some in English
>> More review wanted ! <<
LDS FamilySearch Very extensive and useful site. A MUST visit. Several sections all very good: Research advice, Search people and families, large Library catalogue
>> More review wanted ! <<
SNA (Nat'l Atlas) Good for demographic data on Län and Counties (on two different pages): population, area etc. Also useful links to local sites. No good maps ! Hae
Hamburg Emigr Passenger lists. Search by name and other parameters. Search is free but you must accept an agreement first.
The English is shaky, sometimes turns into German but only a few words are needed to understand. (Schweden = Sweden).
From results you can select records to buy at a very high fee. Credit card on line payment only ! Since search data presented are incomplete you run the risk of paying a lot for info about the wrong persons !
Bremen Emigr Good site. Easy to navigate and search (English). All is free. You must learn several German words to understand the results. Hae
BOOKS, CD:s    
Aminoff, NZ Emigration Standard work on all emigration from Sweden to NZ in the period until 1940. Covers all known emigrants. You may find it in NZ The University of Waikato Library, Library card and the National Library, Wellington, NZ
Several Swedish libraries have a copy as well. I may find time to do a lookup if you provide some data to look for, but allow me some time since I don't visit that library every day. Swe lang.
Johansson, C-E: Cradled in Sweden Highly recommended by many. Very useful. Covers most relevant topics for Sweden Gen. research.
In English. New print 2003.
Rosenberg, C M: Very useful source for details on old farms. (Filmed by LDS). Swe lang.
>> Review wanted ! <<
Grane, Frändeforsboken A sockenbok about Frändefors parish in southern Dalsland. 1985, 663 p.
Articles about Dalsland and Frändefors history. All farms and owners described from 16th century read from parish and judicial records. Very useful for research in that parish. Swe lang. Filmed at LDS. I have it /F Haeffner
CD "Sveriges Dödbok" Description: Death records for all deceased persons in Sweden in period 1950-99. Searchable in several ways. Useful as a complement to current church records that require a request to parishes.
NOTE Make sure you get the latest edition w the above years. Swe lang.
Records normally include Personal ID #, full name, last address, birth place and date, death date and parish, if and when married / widowed. For a few persons and for all who died before Nov 1970 the name and address are not recorded.
CD "Söder" Description: All the people who lived in Söder, a district in the south central Stockholm (parishes Maria, Sofia and Katarina) in the period 1870-1930. Searchable. Swe lang.
Price: SEK 395 + postage 45-80 (1 Nov 2000). In Sweden: add VAT
Review: An excellent source. Searchable in many ways. Overview of families, people, places, etc. Many old pictures. Several articles about the area and this time
Records are very extensive. Name, dates, families, relations, profession, movements in/out, birth and death recs (cause incl), nationality/criminal rec/sailor rec/poverty rec and more.
CD "Klara" Description: All the people who lived in Klara a district in the centre of Stockholm in the period 1878-1926 (380 000 census type records) Searchable. Also illustrated articles about the census system. Swe lang.
Price: SEK 295 + postage 27-45 (1 Nov 2000). In Sweden: add VAT
Review: wanted ! <<
I assume it is similar in layout and quality as the Söder CD (same publisher, same type of sources)
CD Svenska Ortnamn The database of place names from Lantmäteriet (Swedish Land Survey Office), produced by Sv. Släktforskarförbund. > 410 000 names of large and tiny places as well as nature names. Database searchable by (part of) name, parish / kommun / county. Very useful when you want to locate a place name.
Sold at Rötter and at SVAR (cheaper !)
PAF 4 and 5 Computer program By LDS. Free. Very versatile genealogy program. Easy to use, logical interface, many good features. GEDCOM compatible which is important. RECOMMENDED
Version 5.1 released in April 2001. some initial problems reported on user site. Several languages implemented, Swedish incl. A few improvements are implemented but this version requires a much faster computer.
DFT Dynamic Family Tree. Free computer program by M Horey that very easily creates an interactive Family tree from a standard GEDCOM file. Use it to create a family tree for your web page or to send to friends and family.
Download a self extracting zip file that installs itself. Create a standard GEDCOM file (use the export function in your genealogy program). Run the DFTCom2.exe program, which is a compiler, to create the necessary files for the dynamic tree. Copy the files as directed in the help for that program to your website or floppy / CD. Done. Very easy to use.
The tree produced can be navigated in several, very useful, ways. Just move around and immediately get info on each person. Place a person as the "proband" (main person) and get all info on him/her. Search by (part of) name.
Select the display language of your choice from several options (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek and many more besides English)
A must ! When you have tried it I'm sure you will be pleased. I suggest you send Michael a "thank you" mail.

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