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Find a place
when you know only
General guide to Sweden's divisions
Landskap (province) name Find the SweGGate landskap site here. All provinces are represented on SweGGate.
Län (county) name SweGGate is organized by landskap - not by län. To find the correct landskap use this conversion table. All counties are represented on SweGGate.
All county names are unique.
Kommun name Most kommuner are represented on SweGGate. All kommun names are unique.
Use Search facility if you don't know in which landskap to look.
If unsuccessful there try those
Socken (parish) name Socken and församling are usually the same area. Both translate to "parish". Several socken names are NOT unique. You need to know in which län or landskap too.
Several search facilities here
Village/Farm name Hard to find without knowing an area or region. There are many like-named places in different locations. Use
a) SweGGate Search facility and
b) Internet search (Yahoo, Google etc).
c) Also try search facilities here
Don't know what type of geographical name Use SweGGate Search facility. Remember to try different spellings if you are unsure of that.
Try the searchable database at Rötter
Try the maps at Lantmäteriet
Find a person
when you know
Person's name but not where Use the many databases of names with scope Worldwide, Sweden or Regional.
Also try the SweGGate Search facility.  To find Family Trees go here
Try to go via emigration info. Try Emigranten CD which mostly gives you the socken they left from. 
Person's name and a place 1. Find the place using the guides above.
2. Then find the sources at the local site.
Find historical Info  
Sweden General Find it under
a) Facts: History column or
b) Sweden General history
Provincial Go to the Provincial sites through this gate. To find history of kommun / socken / village first locate the place using the above guide. History is usually presented at local level pages.

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