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Jean Williams, Wisconsin
Emig All emigrate from from Lövås, Väse (S)
Olof Fredrik Johannesson 1857-12-18 emi 1887-10-11 with wife Charlotta Andersdotter 1861-09-18 and son Karl Oskar Olsson 1885-09-12 (HFL p 266)
Erik August Johannesson 1862-03-09, emi 1881-04-19 (HFL p 254) to US
Karl Johannesson 1866-08-30, emi 1886-08-28 to Ridgeway, PA (HFL p 266)
Narr Johannes Andersson 1827-03-30 -- 1888-02-09
sp 1: Maria Olofsdotter 1824-09-11 -- 1883-07-01, marr 1854-12-28
-- Anders Gustaf 1856-07-03
-- Olof Fredrik 1857-12-18, marr Charlotta Andersdotter on 1887-09-23, then came to US
-- Lars Johan 1859-11-15
-- Erik August (my gf) 1862-03-09, came to US 1881
    sp: Lovisa Nystrom, marr 1893-12-18 in Osage City, KS
-- Wilhelm 1864-01-04, went to Gryt (D) 1889-09
-- Karl 1866-08-30, came to Ridgeway, PA in 1886
    sp: Lovisa ..  5 children
sp 2 (Johannes): Maja Stina Jonasdotter, marr 1885-02-29
Jeannne Nelson, Kansas City, Missouri   Web site
  Frans (Frank) Leonard WIDERGREN, Stockaryd (F), fmf
Sven Magnus JOHANSSON (Johnson), Stockaryd (F)
, fmmf
Lena Sofia ASKLUND (Petersdotter, Peterson), Skepperstad (F)
, fmmm
Mathias JONSSON (Rundquist), Säfsnäs (W)
, fff
Christina Wilhelmina (Minnie) ANDERSDOTTER (Holm), Skönberga (E), ffm
Brita Lena LARSDOTTER (Bertha Magdalene Larson), Skönberga (E), ffmm
Anders Peter JOHANSSON (Andrew P. Holm), Ringarum (E), ffmf

Major Swedish research focus:
Anders Magnus Ferdinand Widergren, 1836-11- 28, Hjertlanda (F)
Britta Jonasdotter, 1795-02-05, Hultsjö, (F)
Ancestors of Alexander Mauritz Nisbeth, 1765-05-08, Rulla, Ramkvilla sn (F)
Descendants of Johanna Jonsdotter, 1854-02-26, Säfsen, Säfsnäs (W)
and Per Johan Jernberg, 1854-12-16, Säfsnäs (W)

Major non-Swedish research focus:
Rundquist, Widergren of Newman Grove, Madison County, Nebraska, USA
Rundquist, Holm of Royal, Antelope County, Nebraska, USA
Welam (William, Vilhelm) Nisbeth of Scotland
Thomas Muschamp of England (possibly Northumberland)

Janet Evertsen, Muskegon, Michigan
  My maiden name is Pierson; Anders was my grandfather.

LOCATIONS in Skåne: Ivö, Oppmanna, (L), Ven, Landskrona, Borgeby, ?(M)
a. Ivö #6:
Per Andersson (1821-1899)
Bengta Johansdotter (1841 in Oppmanna; emigrated as Bengta Andersson in 1900; died 1929 in Chicago, IL; buried Crystal Lake, IL)
Anders Persson (1864 in Ivö #6, emigrated 1884, died 1956; ;buried in Crystal Lake, IL.)
Ola Persson (1867 in Ivö #6, emigrated 1888, died 1958 in Chicago, IL; buried Crystal Lake, IL)
Sigrid Persdotter, (1875 in Ivö #6, emigrated 1900, died 1959 in Wisconsin, buried Crystal Lake, IL)

b. Oppmanna:
Johan Larsson (abt 1818 in Söndraby#12; emigrated 1889; died 1900 in Newman Grove, Nebraska)
Anna Nilsdotter, (abt 1813; died 1885)

c. Ven/Landskrona/?:
Per Simonsson, (1789 in Borgeby; died 1918, buried on Ven)
Hanna Jonsdotter, (1840 possibly in Tarstad; died 1914, buried on Ven.
Emma Simonsson, (1869 on Ven; emigrated 1887; died 1924 in Chicago, IL, buried Crystal Lake,
Simon Elof (1871 in Landskrona; emigrated 1887; died 1940 in Chicago, IL)
Karl Johan (1871 in Landskrona; emigrated 1889; died 1943 in Chicago, IL.)
Pat Smith, Brooklyn, New York
  My mother's father's family: Sven Jönsson, mf, ff, Jonas Victor Svensson, mf f, Horn, Östergötland.
Riley County, Kansas, US

My mother's mother's family: Måns Nilsson, mm, fm, f. Måns Nilsson, and daughter Sara Lisa Månsdotter. Sara's child: Carl Gustav Carlson in the US (his father was given only as Johann in the church register). Horn, Hägerstad, Tidersrum and Kisa, Östergötland.
Pottawatomie County, Kansas.
Jodi Magnuson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  MAGNUSON, Asby Norrgård, Visingsö, (F)
Big Lake, Sherburne co, MN
My great grandfather: Ernest Theodore MAGNUSON, 1879-1932, imm1888 with parents and some siblings.

Athens Township, Isanti co, MN
My GGGG Grandfather: Fredrik MORAEUS, 1794-1896, immigrated to USA in 1867 with his wife Brita and four of their children with spouses and children, a total of 22 people.

MARDELL, SPJUT, Örkelljunga (M), Söraby (G)
Minneapolis, Hennepin co, MN
My Great Grandfather, Oscar MARDELL, 1878-1965 and his wife, Helga SPJUT, 1878-1947 immigrated to USA in 1910 with my grandmother, Mary Mardell, 1904-1991.
Kay Boyd, Austin, Texas
  Anders Johan Jansson, 1826-30-12, Nässjö (F), mm mf, came to Texas as Sjoberg
Brita Helena Petersdotter, 1830-10-02, Nässjö (F), mm mm, marr Jansson/Sjoberg
Gustaf Svensson Ryd, 1824-4-24, Rye, Barkeryd parish (F), mmff, son Anders came to Texas as Sponberg
Nils Svensson Gök, 1802-4-03, Gnosjö (F), mfmf, lived in Åsenhöga (F), died 1876-6-18, daughter came to Texas.
Cajsa Pettersdotter, 1810-10-15, Åsenhöga (F), mfmm, marr Gök, died 1876-10-12.
Per Anders Strömberg, 1807-11-22, Linköping, mfff, died 1871-02-16, Vadstena, son Richard came to Texas
Maria Margaretha Wigren, 1812-6-25, Viby (E), mffm, marr Stromberg, died 1875-03-16, Stockholm
Yvonne (Pihlstrom) Morehouse, Gainesville, Virginia.
  Kerstin Sonesdotter, 1781, Södra Loffstrand, Ekshärad sn (S), d: 1817, Stakerud, Ekshärad sn marr. Jon Jonsson, 1780, Stakerud, Ekshärad sn(S), d: 1829, Hornnäs, Ekshärad,
Parents: Jon Jonsson and Brita Nilsdotter,
dghtr Marit Jonsdotter, 1811-06-03, Stackerud, Ekshärad, d: 1883-08-28, Millan Skoga, Ekshärad
marr Lars Larsson Öjberg, Soldier 56. b: 1818-03-03, Hornnäs, Ekshärad, d: 1858-08-08, Södra Loffstrand, Ekshärad
Parents: Lars Håkansson and Ingeborg Olsdatter
dghtr Ingeborg Larsdotter, 1841-09-15, Södra Öjenäs, Ekshärad
Spouse Per Svensson
dghtr Kerstin Larsdotter, ffm, 1848-03-02, Södra Öjenäs, Ekshärad, d: 1934-05, Kerkhoven, MN.
Spouse Per Pihlstrom, fff

Major Research Focus:
- Kerstin Sonesdotter 1781 and Jon Jonsson 1780
- Lars Larsson, Soldier 56 Värmland Regiment

Persson or Pihlström (ff), all from Hara, Ekshärad (S) abt 1882-03
Per Pihlström, 1840-04-29 -- 1913-07-13
Kerstin Larsdotter (Öjberg), 1848-03-02 -- 1912
son Per 1866-08-13 -- 1929
son Lars 1868-07-18 -- 1868-07-18
dghtr Maria 1869-07-19
son Lars 1871-06-17
dghtr Kristina 1873-06-28
son Johan 1875-12-30 --
son Nils Emil 1878-02-23 -- 1878-07-21
son Nils Emil 1879-05-17 --1878-07-21
son Otto 1882-03-28 -- 1949-03-14 (born MN)
son Albert 1884-07-09 --1964-08-02 (born MN)
Pihlstrom family lived in/around Kerkhoven & Brainerd, MN., Fargo, ND

Major Research Focus:
- Kristina (Christine) lived in Butte, Mt., married E.A. Hill & Jack Hunt; died in MN.
- Maria (Mary) lived in Butte Mt & Galena, Il. and married Ambrose J. McDermott.

Barb Chapin, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
  Lars Peter Eriksson, mmf, 1855-04-05, Sundals-Ryr, Dalsland (P), emi 1887, Färgelanda, Dalsland (P)
marr Maja Kajsa Fredriksdotter, mmm, 1862-10-26, Färgelanda (P), emi 1889 from Färgelanda with sons
- Erik Johan Larsson (Lars' son from first marriage), 1879-11-17
- Karl Larsson, 1885-01-24
- Oskar Larsson, 1887-02-12
They all went to Duluth, Minnesota

I am also researching Lars family back into Brålanda and Frändefors, Dalsland (P)
I'm also looking for Maja's sister Anna Sofia Fredriksdotter, 1865-10-02, Färgelanda, emi 1891 going through Chicago, IL. I don't know if she stayed there or went somewhere else. I have no other information on her.
Dr. Lois Boehmer Graff, Ohio, South Carolina
  Emigrants: My husband's parents:
Anton Graaf, Kristinehamn Changed name to Edward A. Graff
Ebba Abrahamson. Changed name to Ebba "Abbie" Abrams

Other Research, my family, all came from Germany
Jacob Boehmer, my great grandfather, Heuchelheim, son of Daniel
Elisabeth Weller, great grandmother, probably Heuchelheim
Frederick Seegert, grandfather
Kathryn Benjes, grandmother
Johan Broeckel, Boehringen, Bavaria, great grandfather

Perhaps through this I can find Lana Graaf Bushman who submitted a genealogy almost identical to one I have of Karl Graaf's ancestors. I replied to her by snail mail at the address listed but the letter was returned as undeliverable.
Sue Bouse Team, Carlsbad, California
Emig Peter Anderson and grandson Johan Mansson aka Peter Lundgren
Per Olsson Clarquist, wife Karin Pehrsdotter, daughter Mari
Joris (Pelle) Per Anderson,
wife Carin, two sons, Andrew and Daniel, two daughters
Peter Peterson, wife Anna and five daughters including Carolina
Dädesjö (G), Fryksände (S), Hassela (X), Orsa (W)

Outside Sweden
Isanti and Chisago Counties, Minn, USA
Caroline Carlson-Vanlandingham, Hayward, California
Father Sven Stock, ff ff, 1796, at Lövhultet (G) (?). Joined Swedish Army 1815-09-22 served until resignation on 1845-06-16. A soldier at Skinnarsböke rote, Hinneryd sn (G), Died 1861-11-29.
Ingeborg Olofsdotter, ff fm, 1791-04-12, marr. Sven Stock, b Måseboda, Torpa sn (G).
Parents: Olof Storz and Bengta Persdotter. Died 1854-12-27, Skinnarsböke, Hinneryd sn.
son Carl Svensson, 1828-02-19, Hinneryd sn. Died 1900-06-14, Upsala, MN
marr Anna Catarina Andersdotter, 1825-11-24,  Hökhult, Hinneryd sn. Died 1895-05-14, Upsala, MN
Otto Carlsson, ff, 1867-10-26, Hinneryd sn. Died 1958-08-09, Minneapolis, MN
marr Anna Svensdotter, fm, 1871-10-17, Bosakulla, Örkened sn (M). Died 1930-06-13, Little Falls, MN.  Parents: Sven Jönsson, fmf and Hanna Nilsdotter, fmm
son Henry Carlson, f, 1898-07-29, Upsala, MN. Died 1977-06-14, Chisago City, MN
marr Hazel Mattson, m, 1905-12-04, Pecatonica, IL. Died 1975-03-21, Mizpah, MN
dau Caroline Carlson-Vanlandingham, 1932-12-27, Mizpah, MN
Mother Magnus Petter Larsson, mff, 1818-04-18, Vintergata,Värna sn (E). Died 1880-11-18, Stensäs, Landeryd sn (E)
marr Johanna Charlotta Fält, 1829-04-29, Vårdsberg sn (E). Died 1896-02-06, Kila sn (D)
son August Magnusson, (changed to Mattson in USA), 1864-08-19, Bogestad, Landeryd sn (E). Died 1940-08-03, Minneapolis, MN
marr  Clara Johanna Larsdotter, 1870-09-30, Östra Skrukeby sn (E). Died 1924-01-05, Elmdale, MN
dau Hazel Almeda Mattson, m, 1905-12-04, Pecatonica, IL (above)
John Peterson, Knoxville, Tennessee
Emig Johan Petersson, fff, 1826-03-03
Eva Greta Israelsdotter, ffm, 1827-02-10, both from Asby and Sund area (E)

Johan Ljungberg, fmf, 1841-03-09
Gustafria Benson, fmm, 1842-04-02,  I think they were from Karlstad (S)
Pete Anderson,
  On good authority I have traced my line back to my g. grandfather Anders Gustaf ANDERSSON (b. 13 May 1834 in Skara, Sweden; his mother was Maria NILSDOTTER, a 'maid servant'. His father is 'said to be' Anders ERIKSSON (b.11 Nov 1807 in Asaka, Lanna Province, SE, and d. in 1813 in Ugglum, ? Prov., SE.), and grandfather is STB Petter LARSSON (b. 28 Dec 1742, in Stenum, ? Prov., SE.) and grandmother is STB Karin MANSDOTTER (b. 17 Jun 1744, in Ugglum, SE).

I would like to get confirmation of the "STB"s, provinces for all of the places, and to extend the line back any farther is possible.
Craig Peterson
  Karl Peter Pettersson, 1837-01-19 Konungsund (E)
marr Sophia Albertina Lemon, 1838-11-13 at Gärdserum ( E)
both emi reg 1868-09-04, Överums bruk, Västra Ed (H). They arrived in Jamestown sometime before Oct. 16, 1868 when their fourth child, Elizabeth was born there. Sophia  changed her name to Josephine after arriving In the US
Karl and Sophia married in Sweden in 1861 where their first three children are born. The young couple emigrate to the US in September or early October of 1868, probably coming through New York City, and settling in Jamestown, NY. Upon arrival they "Americanized" their names by changing Pettersson to Peterson, Karl changed the spelling of his name with the use of a C, Sophia took the name Josephine, young son Karl's name was changed to Charles and son Eskil's name was changed to Oscar.
Their children were
Karl Henning "Charles" PETTERSSON, (my great grandfather), 1862-05-21, Västra Ed (H)
Eskil Hugo "Oscar" PETTERSSON, 1863-12-23 in Västra Ed (H)
Laura Maria PETTERSSON, 1866-07-28 in Västra Ed (H)
Elizabeth PETERSON, 1868-10-16, Jamestown, NY
Agnes PETERSON, 1873-05-14, Jamestown, NY
Seth Robert PETERSON, 1877-03-26, Jamestown, NY
John W PETERSON, Jamestown, NY
Unknown daughter PETERSON.
Cindy Furman
  I am researching Swanson/Svensson, Johansson, Tarnstrom, Ekvall, Lundin and Asplund all in New York City. My Svensons came about May 28, 1887. I have not gotten them back to Sweden yet. I have only found one tie through Ellen Ekvall on the Ellis Island site, where she made a trip to visit a brother Oscar Jansson in Stockholm which is where they are all said to have originated, according to family lore. Here they all are with their approximate birth dates:

Mia Svensson, abt. 1868
marr. Erick Johansson, abt. 1872 (ran a funeral home in Manhattan in the 30's at 115 West 104th street)
Child may be Ellen Johansson, 1879-02-12
marr Peter Ekvall, abt 1862
Child of Peter & Ellen is Theodore Ekvall, 1910-05-06, d. 1968-12-28

Anna Svensson, abt. 1862
marr. Ellis Asplund,  abt 1862
Ellis William Asplund, 1890-07-23, d. abt. 1927-12-15, marr. Elizabeth Rosin
Charles Elliot Asplund, 1893-06-30, marr. Lillian Nicholson

Charles Svensson, 1873/79-12-31, d. abt. 1920
marr. Hilda Lundin, abt 1878, d. abt. 1920 (Charles was a chauffeur for the George Jay Gould
Hilda Swanson b. abt. 1900 d. abt 1918
Ethel Swanson b. abt. 1906 d. abt 1918
Lillian Carin Swanson, 1915-03-23, d. 1991
marr. Felton Swilling, 1913, d. 1999

Sister of Hilda Lundin is Anna Lundin, abt. 1865
marr. William Tarnstrom, abt. 1867

Kelly Keegan, Washington, DC
  Mm fm:
Berg, Strömgren, Danielsson, Geting (iron working family, pre-1860)
Tingsås, Lenhovda, Hemmesjö, Älghult (G), Locknevi, Vimmerby, Hjorted, Hallingeberg (H)

Mm ff:
Olsson Meijer, Mårtensson, Andersdotter (pre-1860)
Rinkaby, Kräcklinge, Nora Tysslinge (T)

Fm mf:
Fredriksson, Steffansson (pre-1850)
Umeå, Holmsund, Vännäs, Degerfors, Nysätra, Bygdeå (AC)

Fm mmm:
Grönberg (iron working family, c/pre-1800)
Ore (W), Robertsfors, Nordmaling (AC), Neder Luleå, Råneå, Överkalix (BC), Västanfors (U), Finland

Outside Sweden:
Rockford, IL, Clinton, IO, Mineral Point, WI
Finland, Norway, Germany, Denmark, England, Ireland

Marguerite Johnson Waters, Negaunee, Michigan
  My farmors mor and farmors far came from Hellevik (today Hällevik) and Morlanda parish on Orust island (O), but I hit a brick wall at the point where Nils Olsson (1768-1843) married Ingeborg Petersdotter (1767-1835). I have hundreds of their descendants, if anyone is doing this family.

One part of my farfars family is descended from Olof Olsson and Karin Svensdotter (no dates, but children were born in 1714 and later). Another side goes back to 1500, to Bishop Botvid Sunesson from the Torrskog area (Dalsland (P)), which the Torrskog book. researchers, and relatives have sorted out for me....I can help those who are researching Sunesson descendants and also those of Haluar i Bråtnas, (1525-), also in the Torrskog book.

Non-Swedish research
is in Ostrobothnia, since my mother's people came from Replot and Toby, and many other places near Vasa. I also research my husband's Watters and Williams families, from Cornwall and Devon, England.
Peg Buckman, Boston, MA
  Added by F Haeffner:
Anna Maria Eriksson, born u.ä. 1886-03-06 at Östanfors in FOLKÄRNA parish, Dalarna province.
received "attest" (transfer certificate) on 1901-09-13 for going to N America from Sonbo in Folkärna parish
She was an "arbetardotter", age 15.
Ref: HFL, Folkärna 1901, p 555 and utflyttningslängd 1895-1915 BI:4
Her mother, Charlotta Gustafva Eriksdotter Pligg, b 1853-08-01 at Buskbo in Folkärna, was married on 1877-03-11 to arbetaren Per Olof Eriksson, 1843-08-29 Nora Hed -- 1882-01-23 Haltarsbo.
Her children:
Per August Pettersson, b 1877-03-03 at Bäsinge in Folkärna sn. Father was P O Eriksson
Alma Charlotta, born u.ä. 1882-11-16 at Nygrufvan, Bäsinge in Folkärna
Anna Maria (above)
Signe Kristina, b 1893-04-28 in Folkärna.

In 1890 Charlotta lived as inhyseshjon at Jäder in Folkärna parish with Per August, Alma Charlotta and Anna Maria
In 1900 Charlotta lived as inhyseshjon at Sonbo in Folkärna parish with Anna Maria and Signe Kristina
Ref: Folkärna AI:18A, p 186; AI:18B, p 568, 381; AI:19A, p 101, 117, 214; AI:20A, p 279

Signe Kristina married ? Söderberg and was divorced on 1930-11-18. In 1970 she lived at Tallidsvägen 5D, II in Nacka, Södermanland province. She died on 1981-04-28 at Nacka hospital, ward 31 where she also stayed in 1980.

List maintained by F Haeffner. Want to change or add ? .. Mail me..your info. In this section I use your text with only little editing.

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