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Mailing List Guide
Missing Mail ?

What to do and NOT to do if you think you are not receiving mails from mailing lists 

From RootsWeb Review: Vol. 7, No. 5, 4 February 2004:
Don't panic if RootsWeb's list mail doesn't appear to be reaching your mailbox as it normally should. 
Instead, do the following:
1. Check the HelpDesk's yellow announcement box

for news of any technical problems at RootsWeb or with your ISP's delivery of list mail from RootsWeb.
or click on HELP tab at the top of any RootsWeb page.

2. Check your currently subscribed lists here:
or click on the PASSWORDS tab at the top of any RootsWeb page.

3. Check the threaded mailing list archives
to view the current month/year messages for your lists at:

4. Contact the list administrator 
Use link for each list "Details" here

5. Contact your ISP's tech support representative and explain that RootsWeb list mail is not spam and this is e-mail you wish to receive. Enlist the support of your ISP in resolving the matter. Internet Service Providers should be more than willing to assist you -- their paying customer -- so that you are able to receive the mail you want.

Here is what NOT to do if you suspect you are not receiving your mailing list messages:

1. Do not send repeated messages to the list asking if the list is working or if anyone has received your message.

2. Do not send any "TESTING" messages to a list.

Remember that just because you are not receiving a message you have sent to the list doesn't mean that other list subscribers are not seeing your repeated messages and becoming annoyed by them. The mailing lists are
for genealogical research for a specific subject and not for test messages. Use the above guidelines instead to help resolve any non-receipt of mail problems.

You will find guidelines concerning non-receipt of RootsWeb list mail in a recent issue of the RootsWeb Review. You might want to print out this information and save for handy reference.

1b. AOLers and RootsWeb: New List and Some Tips
Since AOL subscribers make up a large percentage of our mailing list members, RootsWeb has created a new mailing list that is being announced today. The mailing list is named AOLers-RootsWeb. It is to assist AOL
users with questions related to their use of the RootsWeb mailing lists. Hopefully this new resource will help to forestall any future difficulties from arising between AOL and the RootsWeb mailing lists.
You will find this new mailing list categorized on the mailing list webpage at under OTHER/RootsWeb Support/
The direct link is: AOLers-RootsWeb.html 

Previously published in RootsWeb Review: Vol. 7, No. 5, 4 February 2004


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