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General guide for mailing list queries

Locating an emigrant in Sweden Translations
BACKGROUND to these guidelines
I have very actively answered questions on several mailing lists and message boards for a number of years and seen excellent queries and deplorable ones. I have also discussed this with and got many tips from other very experienced query responders. 
By following our advice you will 
1  Increase your chances that someone will attempt a reply
2  Get a better reply
3  Save time for the person researching on your behalf

Locating an emigrant in Sweden

BEFORE you ask - try to find these facts
Collect all names and spelling variations you have from different sources for the persons in your query. Even small variations in spelling may be significant. A transformed name in the new country must be converted back to a possible original name in Sweden and spelling often indicates what the original name sounded like in Swedish. 
Birth date
If you have discrepancies note each date with its source. 
Example: 1855 (died 1925, aged 70). If you write only "born 1855" this will miss the alternative 1854 which is obvious if you follow the example. If you write "about 1855" that will include several years.
A range like "1872-1882" is less useful than 
"1872 (age 27 at immigration 1899) OR 1882 (age 28 in Census 1910)". The latter gives two options, each with a range of +-1 year but the "range 1872-82" gives 10 options
Either birth place or emigration start will do. If you don't know either try to find other locations. Locations are the most valuable clues since all important sources in Sweden are location based ! 
if you don't have all the above any other info may be relevant, especially 
-- year of immigration (indicates emigration time)
-- census in new country
-- marriage date and location
-- name of children and their birth data.
WHEN you ask - consider this
State ALL relevant facts as above in your first mail:
Not only will this provide the facts needed to find candidates and confirm the findings but it will save time for the responder not having to look for information you already had
Do NOT publish an entire family tree or line - select only the persons relevant to your query. But do remember that siblings may provide the clue to find the person you want.
State SPECIFIC questions
Don't expect anyone to pull your entire family tree or line from a hat for free. 

Translation Swedish -> English

Always state 
The SOURCE  of the text you want translated.
The TIME it was written
Whether you want 
   a/ a complete translation
   b/ certain words only. Copy the text in context and then list the words you need.
   c/ interpretation of the text or a passage.
It always helps if you include more text than you actually want translated. This is especially true in case of transcripts where one needs to study the handwriting. But please mark the text you are asking about. On the list (plain text format) mark the beginning and end of the selected text by a line of dashes or a string of asterisks. 
If your original is an image then give the EXACT link if it is on the internet. 
If it is not then you must first ask on the list - without the image - if anyone could help and send the image in private mail to those who offer to help. Always scan at high quality but reduce the file size by compression (jpg format). Always contact the addressee before sending attachments larger than 300-400 kb total.

If you have comments or suggestions on this topic - please drop me a line:

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