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Guide to efficient use of Mailing Lists
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Details for text in List Guide  part 2

"Reply to" address setting
If you don't want to change settings for your main mail account or feel uncomfortable about changing anything I suggest you Get a NEW mail account on another ISP to use exclusively for list mails.
Short version for the tech savvy
In MS Outlook Express and MS Outlook:
Menu Tools - Accounts - Select the account you use to send messages to mailing lists
Properties button - "Reply address":  Leave this field empty !
Detailed version
Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook 2000:
* Click the Tools menu, then select Accounts.
* In the Internet Accounts window click the tab "E-mail"
* Click once on the name of the mail account you use for list mails to select it
* Click the button "Properties" - a new window comes up
* Unless already selected click the tab "General" at the top of the properties window
* Low down make sure the "Reply to" address field is empty
* Click "OK" button and then the "Close" button

Microsoft Outlook 2003:
* Click the Tools menu, then select Services.
* Click the Services tab, select Internet Mail.
* Click Properties. The Internet mail window will appear.
* Click the General tab.
* Low down make sure the "Reply to" address field is empty

Netscape 4.7:
* First, open Netscape Messenger.
* Select Edit > Preferences.
* Click Identity under the Mail + Newsgroups category.
* In the "Reply-to address" make sure it is blank.
* Press OK

Netscape 6 and 7:
* First, open Netscape Mail & Newsgroups.
* Select Edit > Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
* Select the mail account you would like to edit on the left-hand side of the screen.
* In the "Reply-to Address" field make sure it is blank
* Press OK

Yahoo mail
* Click "Mail Options" (top right)
* Under "Personalization" click "General Preferences"
* Make sure the "Reply to" field is *completely* empty (not even a space char)
* Click "Save" (top left)
Further down on the same page under 
"Message actions" - Replying" you can set the 
"Don't include original message when replying"

Thank you Rhonda in PA for the guides for Outlook 2003 and Netscape.

If you have comments or suggestions on this topic - please drop me a line:

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