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General *** SweGGate Star Guides ***      
Guide / Hae Soldatregister, Register of soldiers, muster rolls >***> E H
Specific provinces check the provincial pages   E H
Specific regiments check the All Regiments overview >***> E H
Soldier Registers        
Centrala Soldatregistret Central Soldier Registry More info . Mail .Help B  
Regional Soldier Registers Krigsarkivet List of regional soldier registers w mail addresses where you may request a search (for a fee usually) >Go> . Help S I
Högman Overview of on-line sources of regimental history and soldier lists >>> Recommended M I
Skånes Genealogiska Förbund:
Skånska Dragonregementet, 1709-1901, Skånska Husarregementet, 1709-1901, Norra Skånska Infanteriregementet, 1816-1901, Södra Skånska Infanteriregementet, 1816-1901. How to request a search . Small fee charged. S R
Båtsmän Båtsmän muster rolls database for Bjäre härad 1716 -1771 >Mail>    
Trumpet Players "All" buglers of all regiments in Skåne >Go> S I
Many different records LDS (Church of Latter Day Saints)
Includes muster rolls but you must know the regiment.
>Index of films>
Regiments overview
Leijonhufvud Names of officers in männingsregementena in Stora Nordiska kriget (Great Nordic war) 1700-21 >Go> S I
Högman Swedish volunteers in Danish-German war 1864 Name list S I
Blomqvist Transport av manskap från svenska regementen till Finland 1721 = Transport of Swedish soldiers to Finland in 1721.
You may find Swedish soldiers "lost" around 1721 here.
Regiments sending soldiers:
Upplands femmänningsregemente till häst
Upplands Ståndsdragonregemente
Västgöta tremänningsregemente till häst
Livdragonregementet, det indelta, "yngre"
Since these regiments were recruited you will find soldiers from all provinces, except the northernmost ones.
The index so far only gives the name and what Finnish regiment he went to but not the one he left. 
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