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Kommun & Socken
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Nordmaling kommun is located in northern part of province Ångermanland, Västerbottens län (AC), until 1810-05-20 part of Västernorrlands län.. One parish only = Nordmaling.
Pop: 7 852 (1979). Central town:
Nordmaling. Pop: 2 200 (1878)
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General SCB# 240171      
Kommun Kommun home page. Current and historical info   S
Socken History Quite complicated... About 1480 created from part of Grundsunda sn. Parish originally named Nykyrka in Västernorrlands län. Border to Umeå landsförsamling changed in 1766. On 1808-08-17 split off Bjurholm sn. Split off one part to the newly created Hörnefors sn on 1913-05-01. From 1810-05-21 transferred to Västerbottens län. 1863 incorporated Ava, Rönnholm and Öresund. On 1931-01-01 the parish was split into 2 kbfd: Nordmalings kbfd and Norrfors kbfd.
Churches Description (RAÄ) Swedish state church buildings   S
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Villages: Brattsbacka  Bredvik  Håknäs  Lögdeå area  Rundvik


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Village site ALL estates w history and photos. List of people year 1800 and 1916. Village history. All båtsmän listed. Very useful site ! >Go> S


Village site Check the "Föreningar" link for local associations. >Go>  
Åbergsgården Museum, has a map of Lögdeå.   S
Aspeå Hembygdsförening Local heritage society. Pictures and history   S
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Census 1890   Select "English" then "Västernorrland" >Go> B
Church Rec's Births: 1701-, HFL: (1704), 1775-

SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ = Riksantikvarieämbetet. "sn" = socken. "kbfd" = kyrkobokföringsdistrikt = church registration district.
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