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Mellerud kommun is located in the middle-eastern part of province Dalsland.
Central town: Mellerud,
pop. 3 000. Area: 512 sq km Pop: 10 508 (1978).
Kommuner /Socknar (parishes) Härader: List and Map Dalsland map
Bolstad Dalskog Erikstad Grinstad Gunnarsnäs
Holm Järn Skållerud Ör  
Ceased: Mustasäter /Kyrkebol (->Ör abt 1550) Östanå (-> Holm abt 1550)
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General SCB# 1561 (1461)      
Kommun Home page Current and historical info   S
History   From ancient times until today >Go> S
Geography It was created in 1969 from the köping Mellerud (village Mellerud, parishes Holm and Järn), the previous kommuner of Kroppefjäll and Bolstad plus Skållerud parish.
Härad Nordals härad (judicial district) except Bolstad, Erikstad and Grinstad socknar which belong to Sundals hd..
Churches RAÄ. (Free Subscription).  Swedish state church buildings   S
Photos Railway Station house Taken 1997 >Show> S
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Research center Melleruds Museum & Släktarkiv All church recs, literature, local museum >Go> B
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Culture Melleruds Kulturförening   >Go> S
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