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Ockelbo kommun is located at the centre of province Gästrikland. Until 1762-06-29 part of Västernorrlands län (county) (Y), then part of Gävleborgs län (X). Uppsala stift (diocese). Parts belong to Hälsingland province (Lingbo)
Pop  abt. 8 000 (1940), 6 512 (1979). Central town:
Ockelbo, pop 985 (1940),  (1979).
Ockelbo Ugglebo = Ockelbo Åmot Lingbo
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Ockelbo SCB#210102. Until 1883-06-01 named Ugglebo. In 1785-09-28 a part was split off as Åmot parish. Pop: 6 875 (1940), 5 231 (1979). Church built in 1703, reconstructed after a fire in 1904-12-03.
Records: B 1896--, HFL 1891--. P
arish records destroyed by fire 1904-12-03. Reconstruction in progress
Ockelbo town Central town in Ockelbo parish and kommun. Pop: 985 (1940), 2 800 (1979).
Small industry, wood and machinery, epidemics hospital (ceased).
Åmot SCB#210101. Created in 1785-09-28 from part of Ugglebo parish. In 1932 transformed to annexförsamling. Pop 985 (1940), 607 (1981). Church built 1914-16. Records: B 1798--, HFL 1797--, except 1811-12
Lingbo SCB#210103. Created in 1915 as kapellag from part of Skog parish in Söderhamn kommun. On 1917-01-01 transformed to kapellförsamling, on 1923-01-19 to annexförsamling. Pop: 980 (1940), 663 (1978). Wooden chapel built in 1826. Small wood industry in Lingbo village. Belongs to Hälsingland province.
Ugglebo Until 1883-06-01 name for Ockelbo.
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Church Rec's Ockelbo socken Reconstructed records from < 1891 Svenska . English B

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