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Halmstad kommun is located in the southern part of province Halland around the city of Halmstad
Central town: Halmstad. Pop:  (1981).
Map of parishes Old maps Halmstad city
Breared Eldsberga Enslöv Getinge Harplinge Holm
Kvibille Martin Luther Oskarström Rävinge Sankt Nikolai Slättåkra
Snöstorp Steninge Söndrum Trönninge Tönnersjö Vapnö
Övraby       Halmstad mosaiska  
Ceased: Halmstad Igelsberga Skeppsholm    
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Halmstad city City privileges from Danish king in 1307.
Old maps - check at top of this page !. NOTE: Install DjVu program from that page to view maps. All addresses specified 1695 - today (if known).
History see under Facts above.
Sankt Nikolai SCB# 138301.
Middle ages: Created from part of Övraby.
1962: Name changed from Halmstad fg to Sankt Nikolai.
1962: Split off Martin Luther  (in effect Halmstad fg was split in two parishes)
Church books: Birth: 1711-, HFL: 1812- (gap 1820-21). Births at Halmstads lasarett (city hospital) 1929-46 in separate book. Fängelset (the prison) has separate books for 1845-1905, archived at Landsarkivet.
Death register 1726-46 on line.
Martin Luther SCB# 138302.
1962: Created from part of Halmstad fg.
Church books
: Birth: 1962-, HFL: 1962-.
Snöstorp SCB# 138303.
Church books: Birth: 1697-, HFL: (1785), 1811-.
Breared SCB# 138304. Also spelled Bredared.
Church books: Birth: 17919-, HFL: 1806-.
Oskarström SCB# 138305.
1957-01-01: Created from parts of Enslöv and Slättåkra.
Church books: Birth: 1957-, HFL: 1957-.
Tönnersjö SCB# 138306.
Church books: Birth: 1765-, HFL: (1760), 1765- (gaps 1771 and 1800).
Eldsberga SCB# 138307.
Church books: Birth: 1765-, HFL: (1760), 1784-.
Trönninge SCB# 138308.
Church books: Birth: 1702 (gap 1726)-, HFL: (1813), 1819- (gap 1827).
Söndrum SCB# 138309.
Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL: 1806- (gap 1829). Archives damaged by fire in 1715.
Vapnö SCB# 138310.
Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL: 1806- (gap 1829). Archives damaged by fire in 1715.
Vapnö fideikommiss Names: Ribbing, Bogislaus, Stael von Holstein, Horn af Rantzien, Sperling, Hammar, Rosenquist af Åkershult, Embring, Brunnström   S
Harplinge SCB# 138311.
Church books: Birth: 1685-, HFL: 1814-.
Steninge SCB# 138312.
Church books: Birth: 1685-, HFL: 1813-.
Rävinge SCB# 138313. Do not confuse with Revinge.
Church books: Birth: 1819-, HFL: (1854), 1866-. Major part of the archives lost by fire in 1868.
Getinge SCB# 138314.
Church books: Birth: 1820-, HFL: 1866-. Major part of the archives lost by fire in 1868.
Kvibille SCB# 138315.
Church books: Birth: 1698-, HFL: 1753-.
Holm SCB# 138316.
Church books: Birth: (1687), 1814-, HFL: (1753), 1802-.
Slättåkra SCB# 138317.
1957-01-01: Part split off for new Oskarström fg.
Church books: Birth: 1698-, HFL: 1819- (gap 1835-36). Births at Röda Korsets förlossningshem 1925-34 for children from other parishes are not registered.
Övraby SCB# 138318. Original name: Halmstad.
13th century: Renamed Övraby.
Middle ages: Split off Halmstad.
Church books: Birth: 1711-, HFL: 1814-.
Enslöv SCB# 138319.
1957-01-01: Split off Oskarström.
Church books: Birth: (1692), 1704-, HFL: (1785), 1810-.
Halmstad mosaiska Jewish parish. Existed 1902-04-25 -- 1904-05-06. No separate books known. All notes are made in Halmstad parish books.
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SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ =Riksantikvarieämbetet.
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