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Bollnäs kommun is located inland from Söderhamn city in SE part of province Hälsingland.
Central places
Bollnäs Arbrå Hanebo Rengsjö Segersta Undersvik
Ceased: Annefors Katrineberg Örbrå    
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Bollnäs SCB# 218303.
Church books: Birth: (1698), 1734-, HFL 1738-. Separate books for Annefors 1843-1971 and for Katrineberg 1870-1971.
Genealogical Society
Rengsjö SCB# 218304. Until 1870 named Regnsjö ("Lake of rain").
Church books: Birth: 1694-, HFL 1741-.
Segersta SCB# 218305.
Church books: Birth: 1678-, HFL 1774-.
Hanebo SCB# 218306. Split off Skog fg (Söderhamn kn).
Church books: Birth: (1678), 1696-, HFL 1743-. 
Undersvik SCB# 218308.
Church books
: Birth: (1706), 1807-, HFL 1747-.
Arbrå SCB# 218309. Split off parts when Nianfors fg (Hudiksvall kn) was created.
Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL 1752-.
Annefors Is part of Bollnäs parish (periodically considered a kapellfg) but had its own registers from 1843 - 1971.
Church books
: Birth: 1843-1971, HFL 1843-1971.
Katrineberg In 1867 considered to be a kapellfg, in Bollnäs fg. Until 1971-12-31 its own registers within Bollnäs fg.
Church books
: Birth: 1862-1971, HFL 1812-1971.
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