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Ljusdal kommun is located inland from Hudiksvall city in central part of province Hälsingland.
Central places
Ljusdal Färila Hamra Järvsö Kårböle Los Ramsjö
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Ljusdal SCB# 216101. Split off Ramsjö kapellförsamling on 1852-02-10.
Church books: Birth: -, HFL -.
Hamra SCB# 216102. Created on 1855-04-03 as kapellag within Los fg. On 1931-08-08 separated as annexfg.
Church books: Birth: 1925-, HFL 1925-. Books 1847 - 1924 in
Los fg.
Los SCB# 216103. Created in 1748 as bruksfg from part of Färila. In 1820 converted to kapellfg. On 1931-08-08 separated Hamra annexfg.
Church books: Birth: 1729-, HFL 1748-.
Färila SCB# 216104. Split off Ytterhogdal in the middle ages. Split off Los bruksfg in 1748. Created Kårböle kapellag which was split off on 1923-01-01 as annexfg.
Church books: Birth: 1680-, HFL 1721-.
Sveriges Släktregister: Färila socken, 445 p, 2000, publ. by Ekeström. Genealogy of most families in that parish. Contact Local society.
Kårböle SCB# 216105. Originally a kapellag within Färila. Separated from Färila on 1923-01-01 as annexfg.
Church books: Birth: 1923-, HFL 1812-. Earlier books in Färila
Ramsjö SCB# 216106. Created as kapellförsamling on 1852-02-10 from part of Ljusdal fg.
Church books: Birth: 1853-, HFL 1853-.
Järvsö SCB# 216107. Earlier spellings: Jerfsö, Järfsö (1902).
Church books: Birth: 1679-, HFL 1692-.
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SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ = Riksantikvarieämbetet. "fg" = församling (parish).
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