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Askersund kommun is located in southern part of province Närke in Örebro län, at the northern tip of lake Vättern.
Pop: 11 186 (1974). Central city:
Askersund, pop abt 4 134 (1974).
Askersund Hammar Lerbäck Snavlunda
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Geography Lerbäck sn is part of Kumla hd but the others constitute Sundbo hd.
Sundbo hd: 535 sqkm (16% farming land), pop: 7 275 (1940)
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Örebro län Forskarkällan Very rich site. Most socknar in Örebro län. RECOMMENDED >Go> S
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Askersund city Located at the northern tip of Lake Vättern with a harbour. The place was converted to a köping in the late 16th century but got city privileges already in 1643. Almost destroyed by a great fire in 1776. The rådhus (city hall) and the church were built shortly thereafter. In the 1940:s a small industrial city with 14 industries employing 259 persons. Pop: 4 134 (1974), 2 235 (1940)
Askersund SCB# 188201. Originally named Askersund.
1643: split off part as Askersunds stadsförsamling and remainder was renamed Askersunds landsförsamling.
1965-01-01: again rejoined Askersund.
Askersunds landsförsamling 1643: Created when original Askersund fg was split in two.
1965: again joined Askersunds stadsförsamling to form new Askersund fg. Belongs to Sundbo härad. Pop: 2 460 (1940).
The church built in 1664-70 from drawings by Jean de la Vallée is very beautiful. East of the altar there is a magnificent crypt for the Oxenstierna and Soop families, architect: Erik Dahlbergh.
Church books: Births: 1653-1964, HFL: 1789-1964.
Askersunds stadsförsamling 1643: Created when original Askersund fg was split in two.
Commonly named Askersunds fg (since the "old" part was named "landsförsamling").
1965: Absorbed Askersunds landsförsamling and the name Askersunds fg was again acknowledged.
Church books
: Births: 1684-, HFL: 1752-


Leif Danielsson   >Go> S
Lerbäck SCB# 188203. Until 1595 this parish belonged to Snavlunda pastorat but got its own kyrkoherde in 1594.
Part of Kumla hd. Pop: 3 004 (1978), 4 430 (1940). Church built in 1783-86.
Church books
: Births: 1716-, HFL: 1777-.
Snavlunda SCB# 188204. Part of Sundbo härad. Pop 749 (1980), 1 500 (1940). Church built in the middle ages but rebuilt in 1768.
Church books
: Births: 1689-, HFL: 1769-.
Hammar SCB# 188205.
1937: Stora Rökneö fg absorbed from the Örebro län part of Västra Ny fg.
1954-01-01: Absorbed Zinkgruvan area from Godegård fg in Östergötlands län.
1985-01-01: Absorbed Kristineberg area from Godegård fg in Östergötlands län.
Part of Sundbo härad. Was once its own kommun. Pop: 3 468 (1976), 4 225 (1940).
Industries (1940:s): Hammars buteljglasbruk (glass bottle factory), founded in 1854. Church built in 1821.
Church books
: Births: 1657-, HFL: 1791-
Do not confuse with Hammar village in Ytterlännäs socken, Kramfors kommun, Ångermanland.
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SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ = Riksantikvarieämbetet. "hd" = härad, "sn" = socken, "fg" = församling (parish).
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