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Luleå kommun is located on the coast in eastern part of province Norrbotten., Norrbotten län (BD). Part of Luleå stift (diocese)
Pop: 67 180 (1979). Area: 1 786 sq km. 
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Luleå domkyrkofg Nederluleå Råneå Örnäset
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Luleå city Pop: 42 000 (1980).
History: The name is mentioned already in1334, the town was founded in 1621 close to Nederluleå Kyrkby (today = Gammelstad). 
Luleå domkyrkofg SCB# 258001.
1667: Created as Luleå stadsfg from part of Luleå fg.
1810-05-21: Transferred from Västerbotten län to Norrbotten län.
1962: Split off Örnäset and renamed Luleå domkyrkofg.
Church books: Birth: 1689-, HFL 1736-. Luleå fångvårdsanstalt (the prison) recorded in separate books 1858 - 1932, kept at Landsarkivet.
Örnäset SCB# 258002.
1962: Created from part of Luleå.
Nederluleå SCB# 258003. 
Råneå SCB# 258004.
1642-03-25: Created as kapellfg from part of Luleå fg.
1810-05-21: Transferred from Västerbotten län to Norrbotten län.
1927-01-01: Split into 2 kbfd: Råneå övre  and Råneå nedre kbfd.
1962-01-01: Råneå övre kbfd is renamed Gunnarsbyn fg and transferred to Boden kommun. The remaining Råneå nedre kbfd becomes Råneå fg.
Church books: Birth: 1693-, HFL -. Notes for 1847 - 1889 are incomplete and partly wrong !
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