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Sources which span several smaller divisions within the province


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Church records All of Östergötland. Photo images of church records.  (subscription service). Useful ! >Genline> S
Church Rec's Marriage registers (Mosén) Middle 1600 to 1800 for these parishes:
Normlösa, Herrberga, Sya, Veta, Viby, Västerlösa and Östra Tollestad
Photos Östgötabilder
A RICH collection of photos from early 1900, > 6300 now (increasing), mainly from Östergötland, esp. Åtvidaberg. Select a 'Motiv" (motif) and hit "Börja söka" (search).
An excellent source! . Thematic displays
Family Tree Torsten Ståhl from Norrköping and Motala area. Tjällmo, Tåby, Hällestad parishes and many others >Home> S
Family Tree Edvin Johansson Linköping area. Tjällmo parish and many others >Go> S
Family Tree Johan Andersson Very large tree. Östergötland, N Småland, Västergötland >Go> S
Family data Ditte Schröder Several places in Östergötland (and elsewhere) >Go> S
Family data Henrik Mosén Several places in Östergötland (and elsewhere) >Go> S
Family data Kjellman Motala, Västra Ny, Vadstena, Undenäs and Ukna
Another line from Linköping
Family data Annica Björk Björk. V Eneby, Tjärstad, Kättilstad, Kisa, Oppeby, Hägerstad, Asby, Västra Ryd, Torpa, Locknevi, Horn, Norra Vi. >Go> S
Family data Magnus Bäckmark Åtvidaberg kn, Småland, Västergötland. >Go> S
Båtsmän Brusman, A P (Brusmats) Fascinating story (Bokö)   S

SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ =Riksantikvarieämbetet. "sn" = socken, "kn" = kommun.
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