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Valdemarsviks kommun is located in the eastern part of province Östergötland.
Pop: 9 303 (1981). Major towns: Valdemarsvik, Gusum.
Valdemarsvik Ringarum Gusum kbfd Gryt Tryserum Östra Ed
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Valdemarsvik Founded in 1644 as trading place and harbour for Söderköping. Pop: 3 700 (1981). Köping in 1904.
Gusum part of Ringarum socken at times. Industrial town
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Church Rec's Gusum kbfd (Torsten Ståhl) B, M, D. beg 1700 - mid 1800. Tabbed txt files >Go> S
Church Rec's Ringarum (Torsten Ståhl) B, M, D. 1706 - 1897. Tabbed txt files >Go> S

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