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Ydre kommun is located in the western part of province Östergötland, SW of the lake Sommen.
Pop:  (1976). Central town: Österbymo (in Sund socken).
Asby Sund Svinhult Torpa Norra Vi Västra Ryd
Ceased: Ryd Vi      
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General SCB# 0512 Always check province too !    
Kommun Home page Has some info in English. Go "Turism" to see many photos. Go "Sagor och sägner" for local stories (in Swedish only)   S
History The region has been described in detail by L.F. Rääf ("Ydredrotten").
Härad Ydre härad consists of all 6 socknar in Ydre kommun, in late 1800 also parts of Blåvik and Malgesanda (Malexander) socknar.
: 8 265 (1892). Area: 92 158 har (1892).
Geography Map and description
Churches Descriptions (RAÄ) Swedish state church buildings . S
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Societies Local Heritage Societies: Asby Udde Hbf, Hbf Ydregården, Norra Vi Hbf, Svinhult Hbf, Torpa Hbf, Torpöns Hbf and Västra Ryds Hbf. "Hbf" = Hembygdsförening" >Go> S
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