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Socken (parish)

Kalmar län (H)

(Oskarshamns kn)
Kristdala socken is located in the eastern part of province Småland (Kalmar län) in Oskarshamns kommun abt 30 km NNW of Oskarshamn city. Rural area. Belongs to Tunaläns härad. Linköping stift (diocese). Pop: 2 930 (1940).  Town abt 1 000, rest abt 1 000 (today)
Villages (today)
Applekulla Bankhult Bjälebo Lilla Bråbo Stora Bråbo Bråhult Brånäs
Dabbekulla Dörtorpet Eckerhult Fagerhult Fallebo Fallebotorp Grytbäcken
Gullhanetorp Hasselås Höckhult Hökfors Juxtorp Kalerum Kristdala town
Kristdala village Krokshult Kvarnnäs Källeryd Lillhöckhult Lönhult Malghult
Mellingerum Möllekulla Röstorp Saxtorp Sjöände Skinshult Skälsebo
Skälshult Stenbo Stensö Storudd Sund Syserum Systertorp
Träthult Ytternäs Åskögle Äspenäs Ävernäs Östantorp Övraholm
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General SCB# 088202 Always check kommun and  province too !    
Parish Old name: Krigsdala. B: 1681-; HFL: 1785-
Today's population is ca 2 000.
Church Descriptions (RAÄ) First church from 12th century, demolished and replaced by present stone church in 1792. Renovated in 1991-92. Organ from early 19th century. 8 pastors from Duraeus-Meurling family in succession covering 400 years. S
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Local Soc Kristdala Hembygdsförening (Local heritage soc) History, photos, help ...   E
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Specific Sources      
Church Books Birth: (1683), 1694-, HFL: 1787-. (List of volumes)   S
Emigrants Total about 2 200 Excerpts: to Woodhull, IL; to New Windsor, IL; to Rock Island, IL SweGGate E
Emigrants Research Project Carolina (1863), Mathilda (1860), Emma Lovisa (1853) Nilsdotter SweGGate E
Emigrants Research Project Nils Peter Carlsson, 1844 SweGGate E
Emigrants Research Project Edonia (Eugenia) Persdotter (1854) SweGGate E
Emigrants Research Project Olga Rebecka Olivia Olausdotter Tapper (1871) SweGGate E
Family Tree Nilsson/Åkerberg Several Kristdala persons >Go> E

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