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Heby kommun is located in the NW of province Uppland but in the NE corner of  Västmanlands län (county).
Pop 13 189 (1976). Central city:
Heby, pop abt 2 500 (1976).
Enåker Harbo Huddunge Nora Vitinge Västerlövsta Östervåla
Ceased / Changed: Hara Lövsta Skarpalövsta Våla  
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General SCB# 1917 Always check province too !    
Kommun Home page. Current and historical info   S
History Heby kommun was created in 1971 comprising the town Heby and surrounding area.
Mainly metal and engineering industry.
Do not confuse with Heby estate in Dillnäs socken, Södermanland.
Heby town Previously a municipalsamhälle. Located in Västerlövsta socken. Pop: 1 070 (1940).
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Västerlövsta SCB# 191701. Church books: Birth: 1685-, HFL: 1698-
Huddunge SCB# 191702. Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL: 1770-
Enåker SCB# 191703.
Church books
: Birth: 1692-, HFL: 1696-
Vitinge SCB# 191704. Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL: 1721-
Nora SCB# 191705. Church books: Birth: 1679-, HFL: 1738-.
Do not confuse with Nora kommun, Västmanland province OR with
Nora församling in Kramfors kommun, Ångermanland province, Västernorrlands län.
Östervåla SCB# 191706. Named Våla until abt 1845. On 1863-07-22 transferred Ingeborgsbo to Tierp in Uppsala län but returned in 1890.
Church books
: Birth: 1684-, HFL: 1748-
Harbo SCB# 191707. In 1895 transferred Gråmyren, Hocksbo, Nolmyra and Näverbo to Björklinge parish. On 1923-01-01 transferred Vissbo to Blålinge parish in Uppsala län. Until 1923 parts in Uppsala län, then only in Västmanlands län.
Church books
: Birth: 1680-, HFL: 1687-
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