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Arvika kommun is located in the south-western part of province Värmland, NW of Karlstad.
26 188 (2001), 27 400 (1973). Area: 1659 sqkm
Central city
Arvika, pop abt 14 000 (1973), 8 390 (1937).
Map Map of kommun Map Arvika City
Arvika östra Arvika västra Bogen Brunskog
Glava Gunnarskog Högerud Mangskog
Ny Stavnäs Älgå  
Ceased: Arvika köping Arvika landsförsamling Arvika stadsförsamling
Gunnarskogs finnskog Hurud Jösse Ny Oscarstad
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Arvika name Known since 1354. From "Aurikum" (plur "Aurikace") meaning "the bay(s) where a stream flows".


1896 1913 1940 1976 1999


1913 1940 1980 1999
Arvika östra 549 5 044     10 247 Mangskog 1 395     664
Arvika västra 3 030 4 771     6 534 Älgå 1 585   939 950
Gunnarskog 5 180 4 438 3 975 2 587 2 181 Ny 1 667     854
Brunskog 3 557 3 602 3 350 2 108 2 239 Bogen     178 60
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Arvika Town Known from middle ages along the main road between Karlstad and Norway. In 1811 a köping was created, named Oscarsstad after prince Oscar (King Oscar I) but the name was changed to Arvika in 1821. Arvika became more important after the creation of Säffle kanal (canal) in 1837 and the railroad Västra stambanan in the 1870's. Received city privileges in 1911. It belongs to Jösse härad. Map
Factories around 1939: Arvika-Verken (mech industry), Arvika Redskapsfabrik (tools), Arvika Ullspinneri & Väfveri AB (wool-spinning mill), AB Östlind & Almquist piano- o Orgelfabrik (owned by AB Förenade Piano- & Orgelfabriker) (piano and organ makers), Svenska Tobaksmonopolet (tobacco manuf.).
Ingesund folkhögskola (music school) is located S of Arvika.
Racksta: Art museum and artist's "colony". Pictures.
Arvika östra SCB# 178401. Geogr: = Arvika town. Created 1906-05-01 as Arvika Landsförsamling from part of old Arvika parish. 1944 new name: Arvika västra.
Arvika västra SCB# 178402. Geogr: Arvika rural surroundings. Created 1906-05-01 as Arvika Köping from part of old Arvika parish. 1911: new name: Arvika Landsförsamling. 1944 new name: Arvika västra. SVAR Catalogue.
Stavnäs SCB# 178403. Geogr: South-east of Arvika (south of Högerud). Many grave headstones
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Högerud SCB# 178404. Geogr: South-east of Arvika. Some grave headstones
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Glava SCB# 178405. Geogr: South of Arvika (south of Glafsfjorden (lake)). Many grave headstones
Do not confuse with Grava parish, NW of Karlstad, Värmland.
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Bogen = Gunnarskog finnskog SCB# 178406. Created from parts of Gunnarskog and Eda socknar in 1850 as kapellförsamling. In 1922 changed to annexförsamling. Until 1974 part of Gunnarskog kn.
Geogr: Mid-way between Torsby and Charlottenberg.
Church Records: abt 1850-.  SVAR Catalogue:
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Ny SCB# 178408. Geogr: North-west of Arvika
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M

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