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Hagfors kommun is located in the north-eastern part of province Värmland.
Pop: 14 059 (2001), 18 597 (1976). Area: 1 835 sqkm. Central city: Hagfors.


Hagfors Sunnemo Ekshärad Gustav Adolf Norra Råda
Ceased: Degelunden Hökeshara Råda Tutemo
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Hagfors city Municipalsamhälle in 1939. City privileges in 1950. Population 8 507 (1976). Until the end of the 19th century a rural area. Then the Hagfors Jernverk (steel processing plant belonging to Uddeholm AB, was once one of Sweden's largest.) was established and has since then dominated the area characterized as a young industrial city. The oldest building is the church from 1905.
Uddeholm, a small town, 5 km west of Hagfors city has an old log church where the grave of famous Värmland poet E.G.Geijer has been. Also the largest manor in Värmland.
Churches Swedish state church buildings Descriptions (RAÄ) . Hagfors. Gustav Adolf . S
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Hagfors SCB# 178301.
1907: Created as kapellfg from part of Norra Råda.
1930: Converted to annexfg.
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Ekshärad SCB# 178302. Located N of Hagfors city.
1789: Split off Degelunden (= Gustaf Adolf).
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Sunnemo SCB# 178305.
1653: Created from part of Råda.
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
Local history and people K.E. Dixner Journalist in Hagfors. 150 articles on local history and people in Hagfors kommun. Very rich and well organized. Indices of places and people. RECOMMENDED   S
Family Data Hagman, Anneli People from Ekshärad, Frykerud, Gustaf Adolf, Hagfors, Nedre Ullerud, Nor, Norra Råda, Ransäter, Övre Ullerud >Go> S
Family Tree Olsson, Lars Erik Several Värmland parishes, 14 generations   S

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