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Karlstad kommun is located in the middle-southern part of province Värmland with an important harbour in lake Vänern.
: 80 323 (2001), 72 677 (1977). Area: 1 167 sqkm. Central city: Karlstad
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Karlstads domkyrkofg Alster Grava Nor Norrstrand
Nyed Segerstad Väse Älvsbacka Östra Fågelvik
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Karlstad city is the central city in Karlstads kommun, location of the county administration for Värmlands län (county) since 1779 and houses the administration for Karlstad stift (diocese) since 1646. Population abt 53 000 (1977), 29 700 (1940)
Several national government institutions are located in Karlstad as well as Karlstad University. The harbour (in lake Vänern) is important. The city centre is located on an island and has much water and green areas.
The origin goes back to a middle-ages trading place called Thingvalla. City privileges were granted by King Karl IX in 1584 (hence the name meaning "city of Karl"). Almost the entire city was destroyed in a huge fire in 1865. Only 3 important houses were saved, among those the church. The harbour and forest industries brought it back to wealth and importance in the late 19th century.
In the building of the Free Masons (1860) by the central square, the treaty ending the union between Norway and Sweden was signed in 1905. Värmlands regemente (regiment) was disbanded in 1992
The name thingvalla means "the hill where ting (local government meeting) was held".
View of Karlstad city from Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna 1699 (search ->Select county Värmland)  >>>
Väse härad "Vääs herad" in the middle ages, also included Ölme härad. 
Parishes: Väse, Östra Fågelvik and Alster.
Nyed härad Probably populated in late 16th century. 
Parishes: Nyed and Älvsbacka
Churches Descriptions (RAÄ) Karlstad domkyrka, 1722-30   S
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Karlstads domkyrkofg SCB# 178001. City parish in Karlstad city.
Norrstrand SCB# 178002. City parish in Karlstad city.
Östra Fågelvik SCB# 178003. Pop: 2 471 (1981). Church: stone, 1716, tower 1725.
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Väse SCB# 178004. East of Karlstad city. Pop: 1 897 (1980). Church from 1762.
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Älvsbacka SCB# 178005. North of Karlstad city. Pop: 252 (1981). Church: 1924, bell tower 1731
Was annex to Nyed parish.
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Grava SCB# 178008. North-west of Karlstad city. Pop: 5 152 (1976). Church: middle ages, several restorations.
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Nor SCB# 178009. West of Karlstad city. Pop: 6 013 (1979). Church: stone, 1784-98. Some grave headstones
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Segerstad SCB# 178010. Pop 310 (1980). Church: 1737-47, tower 1847.
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
Family Tree P Gustafsson Brattfors, Lungsund and Nyed >Go> S
Family Data Grund Family (Chicago, USA) Karlstad, Ör and Lidköping, Västergötland >Go> E
Family Data Hagman, Anneli People from Ekshärad, Frykerud, Gustaf Adolf, Hagfors, Nedre Ullerud, Nor, Norra Råda, Ransäter, Övre Ullerud >Go> S

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