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Kristinehamns kommun is located in the south-east of province Värmland, east of Karlstad.
: 24 297 (2001). Area: 747 sqkm. Central town:
Kristinehamn,  km E of Karlstad, pop abt  (1980).
Kristinehamn Rudskoga Visnums-Kil Visnum Ölme
Ceased: Fiskekil Kil Varnum Ölmehärad
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Kristinehamn SCB# 178101. Created from part of Varnum on 1642-10-29. Absorbed Varnum in 1960
Church books: Birth: (1645), 1701-, HFL: (1730), 1756-. Births at Kristinehamns sjukstuga / lasarett (city hospital) in separate books archived at the hospital. Periodically shared priest with Ölme.
View of Kristinehamn city from Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna 1699 (search ->Select county Värmland)  >>>
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Rudskoga SCB# 178102. Split off Sund (Nysund) in 1638. Split off another part to Nysund parish in 1835.
Church books: Birth: 1689-, HFL: 1729-.
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Visnums-Kil SCB# 178104. Old name: Fiskekil. Until 1885-04-16 named Kil i Visnums hd, then Visnums Kil.
Church books: Birth: 1688-, HFL: 1743-.
Visnum SCB# 178105.
Church books: Birth: 1689-, HFL: (1733), 1772-.
Ölme SCB# 178106. Old name: Ölmehärad. From 1894-08-31 named Ölme. Periodically shared priest with Kristinehamn.
Church books: Birth: (1695), 1727-, HFL: 1747-.  See sources below.
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Varnum Split off Kristinehamn on 1642-10-29. Absorbed by Kristinehamn in 1960.
Church books: Birth: (1645), 1701-1959, HFL: 1756-1959.
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
Church Rec's Death register 1749 - 1838 Britta Isaksson  

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