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Grums kommun is located in the south-west of province Värmland, along the NW coast of Lake Vänern, SW of Karlstad city.
9 551 (2001), 10 872 (1976).  Area: 385 sqkm.  Central village:
Grums, pop 7 267 (1976).
Borgvik Ed



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Grums SCB# 176401. The central village. Included in Grums härad. Major industry: Large paper mill, part of Stora Company. Old fortress from 14th century. Very old church, rebuilt after fire in 1927. Lars Magnus Ericsson, founder of L.M.Ericsson Telephone co. (today named Ericsson) was born here in 1846. Dan Labraaten (NHL player) was born here.
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Borgvik SCB# 176402. Pop 815 (1939), 365 (1974). Prev part of Ed kommun. Included in Grums härad. Church from 1718. Renowned "bruk" (iron works) from 17th century until 1925. Important place already in the 14th century.
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Ed SCB# 176403. Pop 2 435 (1939), 2 637 (1974). Prev. its own kommun including Borgvik too. Included in Grums härad. Do not confuse with several other parishes in Sweden named Ed. Church from 1783 with treasures from 13th century. Liljedahls glasbruk, once the largest glass bottle manufacturer in N Europe, was located here. It was active 1781 -1917.
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Värmskog SCB# 176404. Pop 1010 (1939), 607 (1981). Church from 1769 with renowned organ built by E A Setterquist in 1853. Included in Gillbergs härad
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
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