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Kommun & socken
(commune & parish)


Hammarö kommun is located in the middle-southern part of province Värmland, south of Karlstad city.
: 14 162 (2001), 10 777 (1977), 6 085 (1940). Area: 57 sqkm. Central town: Hammarö. One församling / socken (parish) only.
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Kommun Hammarö kommun Current info . Sights    
Geography Located on an island at the gulf of Klarälven, south of Karlstad city. Large paper mill in Skoghall (Stora). Suburb of Karlstad.
History Was divided in 2 admin. units: Hammarö kbfd and Skoghall kbfd in 1924-1957.
Churches Descriptions (RAÄ) Wood, 14th century. Pictures S
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1540, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
  Some grave headstones   S
Family Data K Gustafsson Large family tree, mainly from Hammarö and Värmland >Go>  

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