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Karlskoga kommun is located in the south-eastern tip of province Värmland but in Örebro län. Pop: 37 724 (1977).
Central city
Karlskoga. (Pop: abt 36 000). The socken and kommun are the same area.


(Karlsdal) (Degerfors)
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Geography Karlskoga is the name of a city, socken and kommun. Always located in Värmland province but in 1779 "moved" from Närkes och Värmlands län to Örebro län (county). 
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Kjell Nordqvist Researching 7 000 emigrants from Karlskoga to USA Please exchange info with them !
They are the people who contributed Karlskoga records to the "Örebro emigration" database.
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Karlskoga city Iron processing was developed during the reign of King Karl IX (1594-1609). In the 19th century this industry was concentrated to Karlskoga kyrkby (present-day township "Bofors"). Karlskoga Kyrkby became municipalsamhälle in 1897. Karlskoga city ("Karl's forests") is named after Duke (later King) Karl IX (but the name Karlskoga is much older). It received city privileges in 1940. Mainly an industrial city where AB Bofors (Military and dynamite) is the main employer ( 8 300 employees in 1980). Pop abt 36 000 (1977). The church was mainly built in 1706 but has paintings from the 17th century.
Karlskoga socken Before abt 1589 named Möckelsbodar / Mycklesboda and part of Knista parish from which it was split off in 1583. In 1630 Bjurtjärn was split off from Karlskoga to form its own parish. In 1753 Karlsdal parish was created from part of Karlskoga parish but on 1922-03-17 again incorporated in Karlskoga. In 1883 Degerfors parish was created from part of Karlskoga.
The parish today includes Karlskoga city and surrounding countryside.
Karlsdal socken 1753 split off from Karlskoga församling. 1922-03-17 again included in Karlskoga församling.
Church rec's: Births: 1784-1922, HFL: 1757-1922.
Degerfors Part of Karlskoga socken until created in 1883, today in Degerfors kommun (q.v.)
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"Census" Ingvar Dahl Tax register for years 1503, 1610, 1622-35, 1641 M
Emigrants Örebro Stadsarkiv Emigrant Index from Örebro län 1840-1930, >48000 indiv, Downloadable ! .Karlskoga included. M
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Family Tree Erik Nilsson, Josefina Andersdotter emigr USA 1887 Researcher: Sharon Vargo. More info coming. Old documents !  

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