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Provincial Sources


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Specific Sources that span more than one kommun but mainly pertain to this province.
Please check the more detailed local sites too to find more specific sources !
MAJOR sources
Census 1890 Select "English" then "Värmland". Useful ! >Go> B
Church Books Photo images of church records (several books). Värmlands län is complete. Subscription service. >Genline> S
Hjonelagslängd / mantalslängd Ingvar Dahl
Tax register (census type) (hjonelag = household) for Värmland year 1503 and 1540, 1610, 1622-28, 1641   M
Old Värmland Map Hermelin  Old maps for most of Värmland parishes >Go> S
Värmland geography Ingvar Dahl Index of old Värmland geographical names >Go> S
Emigrants through Norway Digitalarkivet, Norway >Go> N
Family Trees Myhl/Åberg Smith families in Dalsland and Värmland >Go> S
Minor sources
Culture Värmländsk Kultur Culture Magazine. Index on line. Publ since 1980. Many articles about Värmland and its notable persons. >Go> S
Graves Inventory Grave headstones in Värmland. Rötter S
Family Tree Selma Lagerlöf Several socknar in Värmland >Rötter> S
Family Tree John Ericsson (inventor, b 1803). Several socknar in Värmland: Färnebo, Nordmark, Gåsborn +others. >Go> S
Family Tree Ivar Vennerström (landshövding in Värmland). Many parishes in Värmland. >Go> S
Family Tree Hesselroth Dalsland, Bohuslän, Värmland >Go> S
Family Tree Claes Svensson Several socknar in Värmland >Go> S
Family Tree Evert Fröding Several socknar in Värmland >Go> S
Family Tree Gunnar Jonsson Several socknar in Värmland: Alster, Ransäter, Älvsbacka, Nedre och Övre Ullerud, Kila, Bro and By >Go> S
Family Tree P Gustafsson Västergötland, Värmland, Bohuslän >Go> B
Family Tree Adkins ancestors Several places in Värmland, Bohuslän, USA: CA, OK, TX >Go> S
Family Tree Carina Olsson Several places in Värmland, Dalsland, ... Places S
Family Tree Katarina Strid Several places in Dalsland, Värmland ... >Go> S
Family Tree Kenneth Larsson Several socknar in Värmland >Go> S
Family Tree Anne-Marie Dufva Värmland: Köla, Älgå plus Medelpad province >Go> S

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