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Robertsfors kommun is located on the coast in eastern part of province Västerbotten. Part of Luleå stift (diocese)
Pop 7 530 (1979).
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Bygdeå Nysätra Robertsfors Överklinten
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Bygdeå SCB# 240901. Located just S of Robertsfors. Split off Nysätra parish in 1624 and Robertsfors in 1799. Church built at the end of 15th century. Was its own kommun until 1974 and included Bygdeå and Robertsfors parishes. Pop: 4 982 (1973), 4 795 (1940).
Church Records: B: 1724-, HFL (1639), 1771-. Parts of the church archives were lost in a fire in 1947-11-09.
Överklinten SCB# 240902. Located 10 km NW of Robertsfors. Created as kbfd from part of Bygdeå parish in 1930, i.e. it is not a parish but rather an admin unit.
Robertsfors SCB# 240903. Created as bruksförsamling  from part of Bygdeå parish in 1799. In 1917 changed into a kapellförsamling. Pop: 2 568 (1979), 2 510 (1940). Church built in 1958, architect Ivar Tengbom.
Central town named Robertsfors, located 60 km NE of Umeå had 2 000 people in 1979.
Robertsfors järnbruk (iron factory), founded in 1758. Mainly a small industrial town.
Church records: B: 1799- (except 1828), HFL: 1815-.
Nysätra SCB# 240904. Created from part of Bygdeå parish in 1624. Includes Ånäset municipalsamhälle. Pop: 2 324 (1979), 3 855 (1940). Wooden church built in 1729.
Church records: B: 1688-, HFL: (1639), 1720-.
Do not confuse with many other Nysätra in Sweden, e.g. in Enköpings kommun, Uppland province.
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Church Rec's Bygdeå fg Births 1724-1859, Marriages 1745-1930, Deaths 1745 - 1930 . S
Church Rec's Nysätra fg Deaths 1746 - 1824   S
Church Rec's Robertsfors fg Births 1799-1930, Marriages 1799-1930, Deaths 1799 - 1930   S
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SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ = Riksantikvarieämbetet. kbfd = kyrkobokföringsdistrikt = church reg. district.
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