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Skellefteå kommun is located on the coast in eastern part of province Västerbotten, Västerbottens län (AC). Part of Luleå stift (diocese).
Pop: 73 647 (1980).
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Boliden Bureå Burträsk Byske Fällfors Jörn
Kalvträsk Kågedalen Lövånger S:t Olov S:t Örjan Skellefteå lfg
Ceased: Skelleftehamns kbfd Skellefteå sfg Ytterstfors bruksfg    
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History The Skellefteå area has been a mining area since several hundred years. In 1918 very large metal ore resources were discovered (mainly copper but also gold and arsenik) and the area expanded greatly as the mining industry grew. The major mines are in Boliden area some 40 km inland from Skellefteå city and the iron processing plants are located closer to the coast. See more in  parish histories below
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Parish history This is a bit complicated with several reorganizations so here is an overview (simplified - for exact details see the respective parishes below):
The original parish Bygdeå covered a vast, sparsely populated area. About 1320 a large Skellefteå parish along the coastline was split off. This  was successively split to form several new parishes: Piteå (today in Norrbotten province), Lövånger, Burträsk, Norsjö (in Lappland province). As the iron processing grew a separate Ytterstfors parish was split off - later named Byske - which split off Fällfors. As Skellefteå town grew that area was split off as Skellefteå stadsfg ("town parish") and the remainder was named
Skellefteå landsfg ("rural parish"). Later  Bureå and Kågedalen were split off. The growing mining area in Boliden was then separated.
Skellefteå stadsfg soon grew and was split in two: forming today's S:t Olov (the city) and S:t Örjan (the Harbour area).
Skellefteå city Received city privileges in 1845. Pop: about 31 000 (1980). The city centre is in S:t Olov parish.
S:t Olov SCB# 248201. The Skellefteå city centre parish. History: see Skellefteå stadsfg. Pop: 17 036 (1980). Church built in 1925-27.
Church books: Birth: 1913-, HFL: 1913-. Earlier archives: see
Skellefteå landsfg.
S:t Örjan SCB# 248202. Created in 1961 from the harbour town Skelleftehamn area in Skellefteå stadsfg. Church built in 1935. Pop: 7 757 (1980). Church books: Birth: 1937-, HFL: 1932-.
Bureå SCB# 248203. Created on 1922-01-01 from part of Skellefteå landsfg. Located S of Skellefteå city. Before 1974 its own kommunPop: 4 238, 2 000 in Bureå town. (1975). Church built in 1920. Church books: Birth: 1921-, HFL: 1919-.
Skellefteå lfg SCB# 248204. Created as Skellefteå parish about 1320 from part of Bygdeå. In the 1320's split off Piteå parish. In mid 1350's split off Lövånger. In 1606 split off Burträsk. In 1811 created Norsjö kapellag within the parish but this area was split off as Norsjö parish in 1834. On 1838-05-01 split off Ytterstfors. On 1913-05-01 split off Skellefteå stadsfg. On 1922-01-01 split off Bureå. On 1933-01-01 split off Kågedalen. On 1957-11-01 split into Skellefteå lfg kbfd and Bolidens kbfd. On 1962-01-01 the Bolidens kbfd was split off as Boliden parish and the remaining Skellefteå lfg kbfd was renamed Skellefteå lfg. Today the socken includes the rural area west and south of Skellefteå city. Pop: 19 070 (1980). The neo-classical cross church was built in 1795-1800, partly on 15th century foundations. Interesting middle age wood sculptures are preserved. Around the church there is a small village with about 150 small houses (400 apartments) created at the beginning of the 19th century to accommodate the church visitors who travelled far. Until the expansion of Skellefteå city this was the largest town in the area.
Church books: Birth: 1699- (gap 1843-52), HFL: 1724-. All books were more or less damaged by fire on 1901-10-09. Some books are transferred to S:t Olov.
Boliden SCB# 248205. Created on 1962-01-01 from  Bolidens kbfd (created on 1957-11-01) which was part of Skellefteå landsfg. Pop: 3 292, (2 500 in the town area) (1975). Mining industry 1926 - 1967.
Kågedalen SCB# 248206. Created on 1933-01-01 from part of Skellefteå landsfg. Church built 1929-32. Pop: 4 491 (1978).
Byske SCB# 248207. Created on 1838-05-01 as Ytterstfors bruksförsamling from part of Skellefteå landsfg, mainly the industrial area - hence "bruks-fg". In 1875 renamed Byske. On 1913-01-01 split off Fällfors. Previously in Byske kommun with Fällfors parish. Pop: 4 374, 1 500 in Byske town (1974).
Church books: Birth: 1838-69, 1875-, HFL: 1846-.
Fällfors SCB# 248208. Created on 1913-01-01 from part of Byske fg along Byske älv (river). Pop: 1 310 (1976).
Jörn SCB# 248209. In 1834 created as kapellag within the newly created Norsjö parish. On 1926-01-01 split into Jörns västra kbfd and Jörns östra kbfd but rejoined on 1941-12-31. Pop: 3 084, 1 450 in Jörn town (1977). The old wooden cross church was built in 1854-55. The new church, S:t Mikael, built in 1960.
Church books: Birth: 1849-, HFL: 1831-. Births 1834-48 recorded in Norsjö birth book !
Lövånger SCB# 248210. Early created as kapell within Skellefteå landsfg but separated in the 15th century. The old church village had over 300 cottages. Stone church from 15th century. Pop: 3 020 (1978).
Church books:
Birth: 1691-, HFL: 1705-.
Burträsk SCB# 248211. Created in 1606 from part of Skellefteå landsfg. Split off Kalvträsk on 1919-05-01. Located SW of Skellefteå city. Pop: 5 687 (1975). The church village, named Kyrkbyn, was almost destroyed by fire and then converted to a municipalsamhälle in 1930. Church, built in 1817, was destroyed by fire in 1945 but a new one was erected soon after. Until 1974 Burträsk was its own kommun including Burträsk and Kalvträsk parishes.
Church books: Birth: 1740-, HFL: 1710-.
Kalvträsk SCB# 248212. Created from part of Burträsk on 1919-05-01. Pop: 369 (1977).
Skellefteå sfg Created on 1913-05-01 from part of Skellefteå landsfg. On 1937-01-01 split into Skellefteå kbfd and Skelleftehamns kbfd. In 1961 split off S:t Örjan (mainly former Skelleftehamns kbfd) and renamed the remainder as S:t Olov (mainly former Skellefteå kbfd).
Skelleftehamns kbfd Created on 1937-01-01 from part of Skellefteå stadsfg. In 1961 absorbed by S:t Örjan. Archives transferred to S:t Örjan.
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SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ = Riksantikvarieämbetet. "kbfd" = kyrkobokföringsdistrikt = church reg. district, "fg" = församling, "lfg" = landsförsamling, "sfg" = stadsförsamling.
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