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Dalsland and

Vänersborgs kommun is located in the south-eastern part of province Dalsland and also includes the north-western part of province Västergötland.
Central city: Vänersborg,
located in province Västergötland but just on the southern tip of province Dalsland. Pop: 34 574 (1981).
Dalsland: Frändefors Brålanda Gestad Sundals-Ryr
Västergötland: Vänersborg Brätte Hallby Rånnum
Naglum Vassända-Naglum Vänersnäs Väne-Ryr Västra Tunhem
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General SCB# 1580, from 1998: # 1487    
Churches Descriptions (RAÄ) Swedish state church buildings   S
Parish Org. Brätte Created about 1600 from part of Vassända. From 1644 included in Vänersborg
  Hallby Between 1528 and 1540 absorbed by Vänersnäs
  Rånnum In the middle ages absorbed by Västra Tunhem
  Naglum In 1888 absorbed by Vassända-Naglum
  Vassända-Naglum Until 1888 named Vassända. abt. 1600 split off Brätte. 1642: split off Vänersborg. 1888: included Naglum. 1947 absorbed by Vänersborg.
Photos Railway Station house Recent photo but old building >Show> S
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Geneal Soc   Vänersborgs Släktforskare   S
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Family Tree Karl Albert Nordgren Vassända, Vänersborg, Frändefors >Go> S

SCB# = SCB Id number. RAÄ =Riksantikvarieämbetet.
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