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Lindesberg kommun is located in western part of province Västmanland but belongs to Örebro län.
Pop 24 713 (1978). Central city:
Lindesberg, pop abt 8 250 (1979).
Fellingsbro Fellingsbro norra Guldsmedshyttan Lindesberg
Näsby Ramsberg Linde Vedevåg
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Fellingsbro SCB# 188505. Pop 3 579 (1976), 4 270 (1939). Previously in Fellingsbro kommun (ceased). Church originally from 12th century, restored in 19th century. Includes Fellingsbro municipalsamhälle.
Fellingsbro norra SCB# 188506. Created 1922-01-01 from part of Fellingsbro (kapellförsamling). Previously in Fellingsbro kommun (ceased). Pop: 1 044 (1976), 1 725 (1939).
Guldsmedshyttan SCB# 188503. Created 1896 from part of Lindesbergs landsförsamling.
Lindesberg city Iron mining since the 14th century. City privileges 1643 by Queen Kristina. Pop 8 250 (1979). Mostly industrial city still.
Lindesberg SCB# 188502. Created 1643 as Lindesbergs stadsförsamling, 1927-10-22 renamed Lindesberg. Pop 11 075 (1978)
Näsby SCB# 188504. All records archived in parish. Film copies at Örebro landsarkiv.
Ramsberg SCB# 188507. 1589 created from parts of Linde(sberg) and Fellingsbro församlingar as Ramshyttan. 1607 named Ramsberg.
Linde Named Linde or Lindesberg 1383 - 1643. 1643-1927 named Lindesbergs landsförsamling (unofficially Linde bergsförsamling), 1927-10-22 again named Linde, 1966 included in Lindesbergs församling.
Vedevåg 1872-01-01 absorbed by Lindesbergs landsförsamling (births recorded in Linde församling !).
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Uppbud, fastigh Fellingsbro hd 1684-1748. (house sales register) >Go> S

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